Author Topic: Jnana Vs. Bhakti - 2  (Read 1285 times)


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Jnana Vs. Bhakti - 2
« on: November 08, 2009, 04:27:54 PM »
Nial Anglin continues in MP article of July-Sept. 2009:-

"The Self" as a term in English does not arouse any feelings
in me, as do many of my favourites names of God used in
devotion. "Atman" has a more spiritual ring in it.  Though it
does not arouse the fervour that the names of God do.  The
name "Brahman" does not have a magic a sound to me as
"Bhagavan" or "Lord" in English.  I am jealous of those who
feel a surge of reverence for the name "Brahman" which is
repeated throughout Advaitic writings.  It is not exactly that
I don't feel reverence  -- I do -- but just that it does not strike
a magic chord as certain names.  these names and the sounds
and effects they conjure up are just aids because I know from
experience that attainment is possible without any magic names. Nevertheless, it is a Sattvic name and it softens the heart.

Especially for devout Christians who have accepted the authority of Bhagavan Ramana, it is hard to break away from the duality
of orthodox Christian theology with its concepts of sin and guilt followed by punishment and the issue of free will.  Well, may be
not so hard to break away from the notions of sin and guilt,
since that is what some of us ran away from in search of a
deeper truth.

I think of Christians as being, more faced with this dilemma,
but Hindus who come from a background of bhakti, will have
the same challenges to break away from their heart-felt
devotion in favour of the seemingly mechanical and sterile
proclamations of non duality which seem to have no heart.

Naturally in their devotion they never want to let go of the
holy feet of their Lord.  Did not Sri Ramakrishna encourage
that eternal conviction?

Those who are strong bhaktas, will probably not even entertain giving up their devotionk but they may still have doubts about Bhagavan Ramana's teachings on Self Enquiry, and worry that they may have to give up what is most valuable to their spiritual life. 

The bliss of Bhagavan Ramana is beyond logical thought or expression in words.  To Him we seek the resolution of the conflict between heart and our mind.  In Him, our devotion is transformed into Pure Knowledge, understanding and totally peaceful and
thought-free abidance in Pure Awareness of the consciousness
of Being, peace that surpasses all understanding.

Pure continuous awareness, Pure Consciousness.
Pure being. Stilness of Being.
I am.
Om Namah Sivaya.

Arunachala Siva.