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Advaita Bodha Deepika
« on: November 07, 2009, 11:30:51 AM »
Mr. Allan Jacobs, President of the Ramana Foundation, U.K.
has summarized the teachings of Advaita Bodha Deepika,
in his article "On Unreality of the World." in Mountain Path,
October-December 2009:

1. All is Absolute, pure, infinite Consciousness, non dual,
Supreme Intelligence, the Self-existent Self or Brahman.

2. Maya or illusion, the powers of veiling and projection
are inherent powers in Brahman.

3. These powers manifest an apparent, but unreal Universe.
Unreal because it was NOT before manifestation and will NOT
after dissolution.  Therefore it is likened to a dream in the Supreme Intelligence or Mind of Brahman. It does not exist
apart from Brahman.  Thus the apprent Universe is but an
appearance based on Brahman.  It could be therefore termed,
therefore, a confusion between the Real and the Unreal, or
neither Real nor Unreal, or both Real and Unreal.  In the
Vedanta metaphysics, the term Real is applied to the Immutable
or Unchanging.  The apparent world is constantly unchanging,
in a state of flux, becoming and decaying, so it cannot be termed
Real in this sense, whereas Brahman is immutable, unchanging
and eternal.

4. The ignorant 'Jiva' (the ajnani) or individual soul is reborn
and dies continuously through many lifetimes, until Self-
Realization.  It carries forward from each life the seeds of
many latent tendencies fom previous lives, although its
'True Nature' is also the Absolute Pure Consciousness of
Atman-Brahman.  But because of implicit Maya, projection
and veiling inherent in the Self of Pure Consciousness or
Brahman, it identifies with its insentient body and creates
a Universe from its latent tendencies, (vasanas) through
the mind, (the organ of cognition, the bran and sensorial
adjuncts).  the mind is a wondrous power in the Self.  The
world it sees, composed of latent tendencies, and thoughts,
is therefore of the nature of a dream, even a halluncination,
and may be termed 'unreal'.

5. The latent tendencies inherent in each Jiva at the time
of each life are selected by Iswara, an adjunct of Brahman,
for its spiritual development.  So all is benign, it is essentially
based on Love.  This is stated by Bhagavan Ramana, in answer
to a question by Paul Brunton, quoted in the book Conscious

6.  The mind-body complex, personal individuality, other sentient beings, and the Universe of multiplicity, are therefore, a super-
imposition on the Self which is now living from reflected Consciousness, mirrored by egotism and the latent vasanas.

7. Through Grace, the Jiva receives the teachings of Advaita
from a Jnani and when fit, through assimilation of this Knowledge
and mental purification through right intellectual discrimination,
spiritual practice and devotion, he or she is shown to awaken
from the dream of suffering and transient joy (samsara).
The means are Self enquiry into the source of the ego.

8.  At the same time, one lives one's life as if it was real,
knowing it to be unreal, and accepting all that happens as
ulitmately for the best.

9.  When there is an awakening from the dream of life, the
transmigration of the Jiva is over.  The immortal Self of infinite
Consciousness is realized directly and one lives from that state
of 'sahaja' until the mind-body falls off in death, and one is
absorbed into Brahman - the Infinite Consciousness.

Arunachala Siva.