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The three types of Sadhaks
« on: November 05, 2009, 10:30:00 AM »
Sri Sankara's Viveka Choodamani speaks about 3 types of

The first is quite advances.  They respect their Guru but do
not seek much help from him.  They are like grown-up monkeys.
These monkeys do not expect mother monkeys to help them
for their food and fight. 

The second is middlings.  We are all middlings.  We are like
young baby monkeys.  We do not know how to fight and take
our share of fruits and nuts given by people or available in
the woods.  The mother-monkey has to protect us in the group,
to take our due share.  To climb steep tree, again mother-
monkey should be held tight in completing the climb, which
we cannot do ourselves. 

We are like this with our Guru.  Our efforts in surrender and
self enquiry is mediocre.  We often seek Guru's help and
His abundant Grace. We salute him (as I do) six or seven
times a day, go to Tiruvannamalai and sit in Samadhi Hall,
and do many such things. For such middlings, the Guru will
definitely shower his 'water fall of Grace' and place us near
the gateways of Liberation, so that we can easily step in.
What is needed is only to abide by the words of Guru without
fail (Who am I?).

The third category is lowly.  They are steeped in worldly life
perhaps a little temple visits occasionally.  If I show Bhagavan's
photographs to them, they will say: "Who is this old man in
codpiece, with unkempt hair?"  It is better not to speak of
Bhagavan Ramana at all to them.  These persons may have
to work out their ways in many births.  But it is a high risk.
The god's will may make them to born as Chimapanzees in
Somalian forests next birth.  We do not know.  Anyway
let us do our business.

Arunachala Siva.



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Re: The three types of Sadhaks
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2009, 10:53:04 AM »
Many saint poets have sung their songs in this state of middle-
level sadhaks.  Saint Manikkavachagar's songs reflect only this
mood.  For a change, I shall give one translation of Tiru
Mangai Azhwar, from Periya Tirumozhi, the Large Book of Holy
Words, Versse 5.8.1. from the book of 4000 Verses.

Without thinking that I am poor (in sadhana), lowly
and from a lower-caste,
You have come down and showered your Grace.
I, your lady-love with eyes like a nervous deer,
Came to you, calling you Master and my Lover,
You said:  O Friend, do not wail, come here.
These words are ever in me, I have come your feet,
O the one with hue of an ocean, the Lord of Sri Rangam,
I have come to your feet, please take care.

Sri Rama says in Valmiki Ramayanam, Verse

"When someone surrenders to me, I shall never for sake.
I shall not bother about his impurities.  When he says once:
I am yours, I shall give him freedom from fear from all living
beings, this is my vow."

Is there anyone more lowly, than me, in this whole universe?
Is there anyone more powerful, than you, in this whole universe?
What can I do, except to surrender,
And leave the rest of the job to you, O Paraparam!

                          - Saint Tayumanavar     

Arunachala Siva.