Author Topic: Of Fruits, Flowers and Leaves  (Read 1260 times)


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Of Fruits, Flowers and Leaves
« on: November 05, 2009, 10:18:51 AM »
I think Sri Devi Kalottara Jnana and Atma Sakshatkara are the
two works of Bhagavan Ramana, (translations in verses) which
are least read by Bhagavan's devotees.  But these are chanted
in the Samadhi Hall, once every week.

Sri Devi Kalottara Jnana speaks about placing fruits, flowers and
leaves to God:

Verse 69:

Siva tells:  Listen to me Devi.  Know that only the wise man who
never does anything which leads to the destruction of any form
of life, such as insects, worms, birds or plants, is a person
who is seeking true knowledge.

Verse 70:

He (the true aspirant) should not pull out tender roots (of
fragrant plants, which is often, done for worship); he should
not even pluck the leaves. He should not harm any living
thing out of anger; he should not heartlessly pluck even

Verse 71-72:

He should worship Lord Siva, using only flowers that have
fallen naturally.  He should not indulge in vile practices
such marana, ucchandana, vidveshana,. sthambana, causing
fever, putting into action evil spirits, causting agitation,
worngly taking control of others, attracting and infatuating
others, and so on.  Abandon the worship of stones, wooden
objects, and similar articles.

I did not remember these verses till last night.  Suddenly
the Tamil version, do not pluck the roots..... came to my
mind.  I checked up with Tamil Complete Works first and
then read the Osborne's English version.

Arunachala Siva.