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Bhagavan's humor
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My mother Smt.Rajalakshmi who is now 90 year's old recently  narrated  me an incidence  about Bhagavan;s humor.The incidence happened in old hall of Ramanasramam and  construction of old hall was just then completed.As soon as the  old hall was ready for occupation,a new sofa was brought in  for Bhagavan. Sri Gopal Rao (Gopal Rao was a staunch devotee and was responsible for construction of old hall and was managing all  the affairs of ashram from 1925 to 1929. He was the one who used to take photographs in the initial days of Ramanashramam ) took a  group photo of Bhagavan sitting in  the new sofa along with devotees standing by his side.My mother who was then a young girl was asked to stand at one end and Dhandapani Swami(Muruganar's father in law) stood at the other end.Dhandapani Swami was a tall and hefty person. When Gopal Rao brought the print of the photo, my mother was not to be seen in the photo due to out of focus whereas ,only half image of Dhandapani Swami's was seen  in the group photo.On seeing the group photo in which only half of Dhanadapani swami's image was seen, every body in the hall  including Bhagavan laughed .Then,Bhagavan  told  that it does not matter and jocularly remarked that Gopal Rao can take  another photograph of Dhandapani Swami alone focussing his other half only and attach it to the original  group photo.As soon as Bhagavan made this remark,everybody in the hall including my mother enjoyed Bhagavan's humor.