Author Topic: Annamalai Swami : You Dont need Experiences.  (Read 1233 times)


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Annamalai Swami : You Dont need Experiences.
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Page 292 , Living by the words of bhagavan...

You are the Self right now, and you are aware of it right now. Do you need a new experience to prove that you exist? The feeling "i am existing; is the self' . You pretend that you are not experiencing it, or cover it up with all kinds of false ideas and then you look around for it as if it were something external to be reached or found.

There is a story about someone like this.

once a king imagined that he was poverty stricken peasant. he thought "if i go and meet the king he may be able to help me by giving me some money." he searched for the king in many places but he couldnt find him anmywhere. ultimately hhe became very depressed becuase his search was not yeilding any results.
one day he met a man on the road who asked him why he was so depressed.
he answered : 'i am searching for the king. i think that he can solve all my problems and make me happy but i cant find him anywhere. "
the man who already recognizes him, said some 'But you yourself are the king'