Author Topic: Ashtavakra Gita 11 [How to Find Bliss]  (Read 1281 times)


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Ashtavakra Gita 11 [How to Find Bliss]
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yadi deham prthakkrtya citti vishramya tishthasi
adhunaiva sukhi shantho bandhamukto bhavishyasi.

If you detach yourself from the Body and remain relaxed as Consciousness
Immediately you shall Find Bliss and Peace and shall be liberated from all bondage.

This is classic Ramana Reply: Just Be.
How? Detach yourself from the body, remain relaxed as the Consciousness! that's it.

The point is, not how to do this. This can be done. One can learn a few pranayama techniques or one can just remember his God and just detach from body and remain as consciousness.

And just as one remains like this, let us say, someone says "How ugly and guileful you look in meditaiton" and that is the moment! This is where this knowledge is to be used. The statement is to be meditated upon. Remembered and lived ... so when someone criticises ... says "u look stupid" ... that moment!

Lets analyze this situation. A complex situation is made up of such simple situtations. And here we are analyzing it when away from the situtation so that next time we are into such a situtation this is helpful. This is not really understood until one sees it oneself within. So lets see ...

someone said "you look stupid"... if i do not hear it. There cannot be any problem. O if i heard it, but mind did not record it ... then too there is no problem. Now, when mind is active , it hears. Hears and hears correctly. One should not say "when he says u r stupid, it should appear in mind as 'u r brilliant' " ... that is not correct. Coz mind functions as it should. Ears function as they should and we hear. Thats fine. now... when this is heard, its occurs as a thought in mind ... a true perception. And then ,there should be someone to "pick" this thought up and build a story into it.

Perfect Self Control is: Have no one who would pick it up and build a whirlpool of it. That is, the thought is accepted completely without any resistence... This is being Relaxed without building any storms out of simple thoughts. This is being as Consciousness. Consciousness receives various thoughts with perfect equanimity. That is me. That is my true nature. Thus remain as consciousness.

but unconsciously, let us say [as it happens more often], we pick this thought up and start creating an inner conflict. Then when emotions start surging we recognize what has happened. It all happens so fast, we had no time. We recognized only when emotions started building up! When the face started becoming warm! Then... what do we do ? We do not strike back at him. We do not scold him. We understand that we created conflict within and do not blame the other person for it either. coz life is here to bring in such situtations. so we just sit down and withdraw the "I" into Consciousness. Allow the thoughts to run. when "I" withdraws from the builtups ... slowly the thoughts settle down. This is dama. That is detach from mental moods. Not attempting to change it ... not participating in it... just remain as consciousness ... relax and remain as consciousness. The thoughts prompt " strike back" ... and do not get carried away by that thought. Remain detached.

Thus practicing for some time, slowly we learn to handle simple thoughts and hence any complex situtations!

This statement is enough for us to meditate and live lifelong. This statement is enough of a sadhaka to meditate upon and know one's True nature is Liberated living.