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Manisha Panchakakm - 3
« on: November 01, 2009, 01:14:04 PM »
Verse 2 of Manisha Panchakam:

Kim gangambuni bhimbithe ambaramanou chaandaalavatipaya,
Bhure chandaramsthi kanchanagati mrutumbhayorvambare,
Pratyagvasthuni nistharange sahajanandarapodham buthou,
Viproayam chvapachoyamitrapi mahaan koyam vibhetaprama.

The Sun reflects on the Ganga waters and also in the gutters
of a Chandaala. (Is there any difference?).  The Space is within
the golden pot and outside and so also is within the mudpot
and the outside.  (Is there any difference?).  The Atma which
is waveless and limitless ocean of Ananda, is ever the same!
What is this delusion that makes you feel that difference in
a brahmin's body and the dog eating body of Chandala?

Sri Sankara calls the Atma as Pratyakvasthu.  This is
experienced as "I AM".  This feeling of am-ness, I AM, is
common to all living beings, as the Sun without differentiation
reflects in the Ganga waters as well as in the gutter waters
near the Chandala's house.  The Space is again without any
differentiation is within and outside of both golden pot and

Bhagavan Ramana used to say that I AM feeling and "I"-ness
is more sublime than even Om.  It is the feeling not connected
with one's body or one's mind.  If a leg is amputated, the I am
feeling does not diminish.  If a man becomes blind, the I am
feeling does not diminish.  If a man is sleeping, his I am feeling is no way absent.  This Pratyakvastu is eternal, without change,
all pervading but not specifically in one place or another.

Arunachala Siva.