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False "I"
« on: August 04, 2008, 03:55:06 PM »
The "I"thought "I-am-the-body" is the mind.It is the intangible link between the sentient self-conscious being and the insentient body.
The "I"thought is the factor which identifies both with self consciousness and the body.It imagines ownership of doing or thinking.
According to work it is doing it is referred as Aham Bhava("I"thought,ego)when it feels that it is the doer and enjoyer,Buddhi(intellect)
when it is functioning as a discriminatory faculty,Manas(Faculty of thinking)Chitta(memory) but the entity is only one.
When "I-am-the-body-idea"identifies with the adjuncts there is apparent limitation of the consciousness,then it is called Jiva(kinchijna)
Because there is always continuous uninterrupted flow of identity with the nonself ego appears as an existential entity.
When there is no identity with the nonself there is nothing like the ego.So ego is an irreducible datum.
"I-am-the-body"identity is the source of all other identities.

The false"I" is inactive in sleep and it experiences the happiness which is natural to thought-free state of sleep due to lack of thought disturbance.
When the false"I" is active it is unable to experience such happiness because of thought disturbace caused seeming separation between
the subject "I"and all other it perceives other than itself.This wrong perception creates duality and conflict with consequent increase in thought
activity which obscures the nature and happiness of underlying awareness which is actually is the basis for functioning of all these adjuncts.

The identifying entity which identifies with nonself is the false "I"which is an offspring of self-forgetfulness.It is the "I"thought which sleeps,dreams,
and wakes up perceiving the objective world with a separative feeling(Bheda Buddhi).It thiks,eats,dies and reborn.When we enquire into the
identifying attitude,an objectifying tendency of the false"I",it will be found that fase"I" does not exist and it has no locus standi,it is just a concept.
In the understanding and perception of false"I" we encounter the Truth i.e Pure conscious being.


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Re: False "I"
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2008, 07:50:31 PM »
Dear DRPSSVN Raju, the false I is the ego.  When the
ego is destroyed, the real I,  Bhagavan calls it 'Thaan'
in Tamil and is translated as "I-I" shines forth.

Arunachala Siva.