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Butter Milk Ramayana
« on: October 30, 2009, 10:15:03 AM »
We have heard about Valmiki's Ramayana, Kamban's Ramayana
in Tamil. Pothana's Ramayana in Telugu, Tulsi Das's Ramayana
in Hindi and Ezhuttachan's Ramayana in Malayalam.  There are
innumerable Ramayana versions in English.  But what is this
Butter Milk Ramayana?

There was one rich landlord in the village.  He used to have
many cows and oxen in his yard.  His wife used to supply
buttermilk (I remember the thick buttermilk that is served in
Sri Ramanasramam, during lunch) to the poor and needy.  She
will measure her supplies to them.  Once there was a brahmin
lady who was poor in that village.  She used to go the landlord's
house and beg the wife for buttermilk.  The wife of landlord said:
I shall give you, no problem.  But you have to tell me Ramayana
everyday. I cannot read and write. But you are a brahmin's wife.

The brahmin wife agreed.  She used to say short, medium or
long versions of Ramayana depending upon the measures of
buttermilk that is given to her!  If it is only one small measure,
she would say:  Rama married Sita, lost his wife in the jungle,
got her back killing Ravana and came back to Ayodhya."  That
is all.  If it is two measures, she would give more details.  Like
this, the butter milk Ramayana came into use.

Bhagavan Ramana has been giving us large measures of not
only buttermilk but also milk, curds and butter.  So we should
tell Him our Ramayana, our troubles and travails everyday in
detail.  Our doubts and questions should be posed to Him.
This is our Ramayana.  If you tell Him all this, He shall find
a way out for you.  Our Ramayana should be long everyday,
since He is large measures of milk, buttermilk and butter.
We should not be cringy.

Saint Ramalingam says:  "If a father beats, the child goes to
the mother for support.  If a mother beats, the child goes
to the father for support.  Here, you are the Father and Mother
for me.  Do not beat me. Where can I go for support?  Please
embrace me instead of beating me!  I can bear no more." 

Arunachala Siva.