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Iswara Gita - 7
« on: October 29, 2009, 12:39:12 PM »
Iswara Gita, continues...

Verse 94:

The Jiva who is in the form of Sat, has one potent feature
called Mind.  Only this Mind causes all a-viveka, non discrimination,
which produces all miseries.  This delusion of the Prakruti, though
ever in union with Purusha, the Self, suffers due to this mind.
This mind creates a bondage of Kala-tattva, Time.  This Time
causes births and deaths, till Prakruti realizes Purusha.

Verse 95:

Only this Kala-tattva, Time, creates everything in this universe.
It also dissolves everything in this universe. All things inside
the universe, also perish and take rebirth due to Time.

Verse 96:

This Time alone makes the universe and remains as the Witness.
This Time alone is the principle of Jiva.  This Time remains within
all Jivas, and runs them all around.  This Time when transcended,
makes the Jiva realize the Self.  Time gives the inputs of necessary
Jnana to the Jiva too. Hence the six gunas (features) of Jivas,
are also the products of Purusha.  But Purusha is not bound
by all these.  He is Purushottama.

Verse 97:

This potent and polluted feature of Jiva called Mind, controls
the six sense organs of cognizance and conation. Karma Indriyas
and Jnana Indriyas.  The mind's another form is Ego.  This
causes the knot of samsara, the worldly life.  Thus Kala-tattva
is the supreme principle and is an aspect of Purusha, or Siva.

Verse 98:

This Kala-tattva is the controller of universe.  Beyond this, is
Vyomakasa, Chidakasa.  But Purusha is beyond universe and
Chidakasa.  The burnt out ashes, vibhuti, of everything is
called Agni tattva or Mahavibhuti.  This Mahatattvam is
Sivam or Brahmam.  There is nothing beyond Brahmam.  There
is nothing other than Brahmam.  Brahmam is unique, non dual.

Verse 100:

My non dual, advaitic form is known only through transcendence  of Kalatattva.  This Kalatattva and Prapancha is running in my
Presence.  One who understands this Presence, will get maturity to transcend kalatattvam.

Arunachala Siva.