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Time, Space and Jnani
« on: October 29, 2009, 10:18:23 AM »
We are all bound by the concepts of Time and Space. But
Brahma Jnanis have transcended both Time and Space.
How?  Why?

The Time and Space are the products of the mind.  It is the
mind, which is bound by time.  It is the mind, which is bound
by Space.

In Srimad Bhagavatam, Gajendra the elephant, whose leg
was caught by the crocodile, suffered for 1000 years.  How
can an elephant fight with a crocodile for 1000 years? Or
why Narayana waited for 1000 years to lapse before coming
to the elephant's rescue?  Was Narayana a late Latif?
No.  Narayana came swiftly to help the elephant.  He was
perhaps waiting for a few minutes for the elephant to call
him, "Adimoolame!  O Primordial!"  But this few minutes
looked like 1000 years, because the sufferings were so huge,
that every second looked like 10 years!  We are also experiencing
this.  I had once a ear-pain, which started troubling me, late
night, say at 11 pm.  The doctor was available only next day
at 8 am.  So, I suffered for about 10 hours.  But these 10
hours appeared like 10 days, since every second, the pain
was becoming more and more unbearable and I had to grumble
and cry about my fate.

Now about Space.  Again, it is the mind's product.  Sometimes,
the mind suddenly wanders to Chennai, where I had my college
education.  I begin to think about my professors and classmates.
Thinking about Chennai, I am in Chennai for a few minutes,
even though I am sitting in Bangalore.  I have seen a photograph of Andremada Galaxy or Spiral Galaxy, in USIS libaray book.
At night, I suddenly think about these galaxies, which are billions of miles away.  Lying in bed in Bangalore, I am in Spiral Gaalxy
for a few minutes!

Time and Space are products of mind.  So, the Jnani who has
conquered the mind has no Time and Space.  He is Kalatita,
he is Prpanjatita, beyond Kala and Prapancha.  Beyond Time
and Space.  Bhagavan Ramana lived like that.  He has said
one that He does not know whether it is morning or evening.
Only on Jayanti days, He used to remember that day.  He does
not know whether He is in the Hill or in the Asramam or in
Madurai and Tiruchuzhi.  He has said this once to His devotees.
He was ever in the state of Naturalness.  Om Naisargiga Maha
Tapase Namah:  (108 Holy Names of Bhagavan Ramana)

Arunachala Siva.