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Bhagavan on purity of mind
« on: October 29, 2009, 08:32:42 AM »
Since sattva guna is the nature of the mind, and since the mind is pure and undefiled like ether, what is called mind is, in truth, of the nature of knowledge. When it stays in that natural state, it has not even the name "mind". It is only the erroneous knowledge which mistakes one for another that is called mind.

What was the pure sattva mind, of the nature of pure knowledge, forgets its knowledge-nature on account of nescience, gets transformed into the world under the influence of negative forces being under the influence of rajo guna, imagines "I" am the body; the world is "real", it acquires the consequent merit and demerit through attachment, aversion.

Through the residual impressions, one attains birth and death.

But the mind, which has got rid of its defilement through action without attachment performed in many past lives, listens to the teaching of scripture from a true guru, reflects on its meaning, and meditates in order to gain the natural state of the mental mode of the form of the Self, of the form which is the result of continued contemplation of the Self.

When this removal takes place the mind becomes subtle and unmoving. It is only by the mind that is impure and is under the influence of excessive activity or idleness that Reality which is very subtle and unchanging cannot be experienced; just as a piece of fine cloth cannot be stitched with a heavy crowbar, the details of the subtle objects cannot be distinguished by the light of a lamp flame that flickers in the wind.

But in the pure mind that has been rendered subtle and unmoving by the meditation described above, the Self-bliss will become manifest.

As without mind there cannot be experience, it is possible for a purified mind endowed with the extremely subtle mode to experience the Self-bliss, by remaining in that form. Then, that one's Self is of the nature of Brahman will be clearly experienced.
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Re: Bhagavan on purity of mind
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2009, 09:58:13 AM »
The Pure Mind or Suddha Manas, is the Suddha Sattva.  The
impure mind, comes to a person even while in mother's womb,
due to vasanas, the carry bag, that is brought with the jiva
from its previous birth.  The abidance in the Self is nothing
but pure sattva, the suddha sattva.  Here, the mind has no
role, even if it is there.  Mano-nasam, the word used by
Bhagavan Ramana in Who am I? may mean extinction of mind
or even extinction of thoughts, which come about only when
the mature seeker gets that with the grace of god or guru.

The impurities come to a mind, through vasanas, under three
categories.  The first is Ego.  This is the most potent one.
The second is Kanma in Tamil or Karma.  The third is maya
or Mother's play with the jivas.  The seeker upon maturity
can overcome the second and third.  But the first, is the most
difficult to conquer.  This ego, or Anava in Tamil, if conquered,
the Jiva becomes the Self.  Complete Nonduality!

Mind conquest is the most arduous task.  Saint Ramalinga Swamigal says:  "Show me the religion that can teach me,
to kill the mind.  And that is my religion."

Bhagavan Ramana had conquered the second and third even
during His previous births.  Or, if you consider Him as an
avatara, these were not there at all.  But the ego, was there.
And He easily conquered that with 15 minutes death experience in Madurai.  He became the Self even at Madurai in August 1896.  He had to come to Arunachala on 1st September 1896, only to
display His state for other's benefits, for 54 years.

Arunachala Siva.