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Iswara Gita - 6
« on: October 28, 2009, 01:43:10 PM »
Verse 87:

I am the essence of Jnana, and am the causeless cause of
everything, non dual, and nothing is other than Me.  I am
Light, incomparable, the support of this universe, but not
tainted by it.  I am changless, and beyond the five elements
but the causeless cause of five elements.

Verse 88:

My Light can be realized only by the nonduality, beyond the
mind.  I am having heads, legs, hands eyes, faces everywhere.
I am not realizable through the elements, but am in the elements.  The formless form of Light is called Brahman, the Space by the

Verse 89:

I am the Prana of the jivas, in and out of everything and every
being.  The Jivas who have realized my nature, say that I am
all pervasive and limitless Space.  And such Jivas, know that
I am the purport of all Vedas.  They shall know the purport of
Vedas, even without reading Vedas.

Verse 90:

I am Light which can never be known by darkness.  Those who
do not come out of the darkness, are called Ajnanis. From
such Ajnana, comes the Avidya.  Such Avidya produces the time
and space.  These produce everything in this universe.  This
called Prakruti and I am Purusha, beyond Prakruti.

Verse 91:

The Prakruti and Time are only my forms.  They subside under
me.  I am thus without beginning and end.  This Prakruti,
Time and Me, the Purusha are all in Me.

Arunachala Siva.