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Iswara Gita - 3
« on: October 27, 2009, 12:49:33 PM »
A few more verses from Iswara Gita:

Verse 74:

I, Parameswara, is avyakta, hidden, in all the three states
of a living being, like wakefulness, dream and deep sleep.
I am also called the Jiva, individual soul in these states.
I am also called Maya when I make and unmake the universe.
I am called Iswra by the devotees.  I am called the Prapancham,
the Universe, by karmis, doers of sacrifices and rituals.  I am
called Brahman, who have overcome the bondage and they
see my true Light.  I am the Light.

Verse 75:

I am not impermanent and destruction.  I am ever permanent
and full of rasa (taste) and gandha (fragrance).  All the bodies,
hands and legs, which are countless, and all kharanas (minds)
of individuals, which are impermanent, are in Me only.  The
permanent Atma Jnana of yogis and jnanis is also in Me.

Verse 76:

The god of the gods, Parameswara then told Sanaka and
others:  I am seeing everything without the eyes.  I am
walking everywhere without feet.  I am listening to all the
sounds that happen in the Space.  I am without hands, but
can hold everything. I am leaving them too at my will.*

(* See the comparable verse in Srimad Bhagavad Gita).

The prose rendering of Iswara Gita, Tamil of Tattvaraya
Swamigal has been done by Sri J.Jayaraman, of the Asramam.

Arunachala Siva.