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One Word is enough
« on: October 26, 2009, 07:01:07 PM »
From Bhagavan Ramana, certain great devotees had only one
word or one sentence and this gave them enough faith to
proceed further with enquiry or surrender.  This may be a
"mantra" or a simple word or sentence.  He said:  Siva, Siva
as mantra and Summa Iru or even Iru (Stay) as the one word
or one sentence for proceeding further.

This gave me some thoughts about Saint Pattinathar.  He is
from Kaveri Poompattinam, near Thanjavur, a coastal town.
He was a great Siva bhakta but steeped in worldy pleasure
of earning huge money.  He was in shipping trade, selling goods
at Malaya (Malaysia) and Burma (Myanamar).  He had a good
wife and got a son.  The son became 18 years old.  He sent
his son to Malaysia in a ship full of pearls and spices to sell
and bring back rubies and gold.  The son came after three months.
In the ship, he brought a shipload of cowdung!  When the father
got angry and shouted, he came to the house, prayed to Siva,
and applied vibhuti on his forehead.  He then left a small box
with his father and asked him to open it after he left.  He
left the home again.  The curious father, opened the box
and found an eyeless needle, with a palmyra leaf on which
was written:

Even the eye-less needle* will not come with you in your
last path (journey)**

*  - Eyeless needle or earless needle is the one in which the
small hole is broken and the needle has lost all its utility.

** - Last path or Journey - The path of the corpse to the
burial or cremation ground!

Kaadharunatha oosiym kadai vashikku vaaraathu kaaN.

The father got a light flash in his mind and went out of the
house.  He

Some great devotees were given one mantra or one word or
one sentence by Bhagavan Ramana and they took it in great
faith and continued their spiritual purusits successfully.
Bhagavan Ramana said: Siva, Siva or Summa Iru or even Iru
(Stay) to Thinnai Swamigal.

Pattinathar was given a great sentence by his son, (the story
later) which means:

Even the eye-less needle* will not come with you in your
last path (journey)!**

* - The hole which is broken, after which the needle becomes
totally useless.

** The last path - The Journey of the corpse to the burial
or cremation ground.

This one sentence made the father to become a great Siva
Yogi or Siva Jnani who wrote many verses.  He is one of the
18 great Tamil Siddhas.

Arunachala Siva.