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Kunju Swami
« on: October 25, 2009, 07:07:13 PM »
Kunju Swami hails from Palakkad, Kerala.  He came to Bhagavan
Ramana, when He was on the Hill.  He had good omens.  Mother
Azhagamma was also there at that time.  Bhagavan Ramana made
Kunju Swami feel the peace in His presence.  A couple of weeks
passed.  Kunju Swami felt that the Samadhi anbuhava, the peace,
that he had with Bhagavan Ramana can be attained even at his
house in Kerala.  He returned to Kerala.  Within a few days, all
the Samadhi anubhava evaporated.  He became full of wrong
emotions and 'normal' life tendencies.  He rushed to Bhagavan
Ramana back.  Bhagavan Ramana smiled at him and said:  Be
here.  This Place (Tiruvannamalai) will only give you permanent
abidance.  You do not go elsewhere.  From that day, Kunju
Swami never left Bhagavan Ramana and he used to go out of
Tiruvannamalai only when Bhagavan Ramana told him to go.
Kunju Swami recalled years later:  If Samadhi can be obtained
in any place, permanently (even witthout adequate sadhana), then why should Bhagavan Ramana, have come from Madurai to Tiruvannamalai?  Bhagavan Ramana Himself says in Sri
Arunachala Ashtakam, Verse 1:  "When there was some "maruL"
'trace of confusion' came and when the Hill drew me near..."

Arunachala Siva.