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Skanda and Upadesa Saram
« on: October 24, 2009, 01:50:20 PM »
We all know that Muruganar wrote some poems about Siva
going to Daruka forest and first tell the sages there that
mre karma alone would not confer liberation and all karmas
were for chidda suddhi.  The sages in the forest did not like
this, and they chanted some mantras and sent, first a tiger,
then an elephant, then a dwarf, then some burning fires, to
kill Siva.  Siva killed the tiger and wore its skin as his waist
cloth, then killed the elephant and wore its skin as his upper
cloth, kept the dwarf under his toes and took the fires on his
hand.  The sages were baffled.  In the meantime, Mohini (Narayana, as a female) who had accompanied Siva, enchanted
the sages and they went behind her.  The sages' wives went
behind Siva.  Then Siva said to them:  See, all that your karmas
have done for you!  Your chidda suddhi is no where there.  Even
your karmas were for destructive purposes. Only pure Jnana will
confer you liberation.  Muruganar wrote up to this point and then  asked Bhagavan Ramana to write about Jnana marga.  Thus
the famous Upadasa Undiyar came.  And from that original Tamil verses, the Sanskrit Upadesa Saram.

Now, where this Daruka forest story appears.  There is no
clue from Muruganar's poems.  I checked up sometime back.
It was not in Siva Puranams.  There is a mention about
the story in Chidambara Mahatmyam, the story of Chidambaram.  But this is not the original.  Finally I arrived at Skandam,
Skanda's story by Vyasa, where there is a detailed story on
this Darkuka forest sages, under Siva Rahasya Kandam.
Thus Skanda gives the story of Jnana in his epic.  Bhagavan
Ramana, an avatara of Skanda, had to specifically write a poem centuries later!

Arunachala Siva.