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skanda Sashti
« on: October 21, 2009, 04:09:51 PM »
Skanda Sashti is celebrated after Dipavali, from the first day
of the waxing moon for six days.  These are more the days
of solemnity, of fasting, of prayers to Skanda.  Skanda was
born from the third eye of Siva.  There was no union of Siva
and Paravati.  He is the real Male Child!  Skanda killed Surapadma and his two brothers on a Sashti day, the sixth day of waxing
moon in Tula month.  The war is mother of all wars, lasting for
18 years.  Skanda was just three years old, when he fought
Surapadama and brothers.

Surapadma did a lot of penance for boons from Siva.  He is a
terrific demon, and Ravana and Kumbakarna and Kamsa cannot
show a candle to him!  He took the boons to rule 1008 worlds
for 108 Yugas, aeons!  He was ruling from a place called Veera
Mahendrapuram in the present Sri Lanka.

As soon as he got the kingship, he imprisoned Vishnu, Brahma,
Indra and other gods.  Under him, Brahma was the priest for
his demonic prayers everyday!  Indra and Varuna went to the
oceans to fetch choices fish.  Vishnu was the main assistant.
Surapadma and his two brothers were killed and they became
the peacock and rooster for Skanda.  Mother Parvati gave
Skanda, the powerful Spear as a weapon.

Skanda has got as many as 225 temples in India.  But six
temples were his main abodes.  These are called 6 barracks
for him.  The number 6 is the number of Skanda.

He has got 6 faces.
He has got a 6 lettered mantra, Sa ra va na bha va.
His main chakra, the meditational drawing has got 6 angles.

Skandam is the epic of Vyasa that describes Skanda's sports.
Like Siva, he had no birth and no death.  He rose as the Sun
rose and vanquished the demons and released the gods.
The Sun never sets.

A little more information about Skandam.

Arunachala Siva.