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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 103
« on: October 20, 2009, 03:06:19 PM »
Dasa Sloki, Verse 8:

Neither the states of waking, dream and deep sleep nor their
identifiers with Visva, Taijasa, and Prajna are I.  I am in reality
the One Atman without a second -- the attributeless Truth,
indestructible even when the whole creation is dissolved and
of the nature of supreme bliss and purity.  I have realized my
Atmanhood which is the Fourth (Turiya) State, which is distinct
and different from the states and their identifiers referred to
above and which are essentially ignorance (Avidya).

Sri Sankara's philosophy is mainly based analyzing the three
states of human life, the waking, dream and deep sleep. 
Bhagavan Ramana also mentioned these three states (without
reading Sri Sankara before hand, as His own understanding)
and the underlying eternal "I".   This is called Avasta Traya,
the three changes and Gaudapada describes it in his Karika.
The names Visva, Taijasa and Prajna need not be investigated
too much.  In the waking state, one sees the world, with his
mind and body.  The World here is important.  So it is called
Visva, the World. In the dream state, the body is inactive, but
the mind is still active, and it sees colourful lighted dreams,
inspite of sleeping in a dark room.  Hence it is called Taijasa,
which is Light, Tejas.  The deep sleep state is there when the
mind and body are inactive and there is only awareness, with
vasanas underneath.  Thus it is called Prajna, the awareness.
Usually in Sanskrit literature, they give names to "happenings"
so that the students could remember them easily.  For example,
the five types of breathings, in breathing, outbreathing etc.,
are given names.

Dasa Sloki, Verse 9:

In short, Atman is all pervading.  It is the only Good and is self-revealed.  Nor does it stand on any support.  The universe of
names and forms is insignificant and it is separate from Me.
I am in reality the One Atman without a second -- the attributeless Truth, indestructible and of the nature of supreme
bliss and purity.

Bhagavan Ramana used to say in many conversations that
Brahma-charya is Brahman-chariyam, the keeping of only
Brahman as the support.  It is not any stage in life.  He
has also said on many occasions, go behind names and forms.

Verse 10:

This Atman, I tell you, is the essence and conclusion of the
Vedanta.  This Truth which is called Advaita in the Upanishads is the One without a second.  It defies all empirical dealings
and descriptions.  It is niether one nor many -- for there is
none other.  It is neither with attributes, nor attributeless.
It is neither aught nor naught.

Advaitam really means not-two.  It does not mean One.
If some one says there is One, then someone else
can question is which is the second.  Non dual means
only no two, and consequently nor many. This is not Ekam.


I shall cover Nirvana Shatkam, the Six verses on liberation,
of Sri Sankara and then close the Sri Sankara Vijayam serial posts. 

Arunachala Siva.