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Skanda Sashti - 4
« on: October 22, 2009, 12:24:35 PM »
There is a story.  Avviayar was the great poetess of Tamil
language.  She was a devotee of Ganesa.  Once she was
travelling in a jungle under hot sun and she was thirsty and
hungry.  Skanda appeared before her from a tree top.  He
asked the poetess:  Grandma, would you like to eat some jamun
fruits, which can quench your thirst and also fill your stomach.
The poetess said Yes.  Then Skanda asked her:  Do you want
heated fruits or non heated fruits.  Avvaiyar was wondering.
How can there be heated fruits and non heated fruits?  She
is a great poetess in Tamil.  Still she did not understand this
word.  She then asked:  Alright, give me some heated fruits.
The boy shook the branches and Jamun fruits fell on the sandy
ground.  The old poetess, picked them, and sent out air from
her mouth to remove the sands covering the fruits.  Normally,
we send out air from our mouth to cool a hot substance.  She
did like that.  Skanda then asked her:  Grandma, is the fruit
so hot that you breathe out air to cool it? 

The poet understood the word "heated fruit!"   She looked up
at the tree.  There was Skanda.  The great Tamil poet was
fooled in her own language!  She cried and said:

"This tough wood which can blunt a sharp axe but
this sharp axe has been blunted by a young plantain stem!

This means that a young boy has defeated her in her own
language in which she is proud about her own scholarship.

Arunachala Siva.