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Sri Sankara's Period
« on: October 18, 2009, 06:56:58 PM »
There are many views about Sri Sankara's period of avatara in
this world.  Max Mueller has fixed it around 700 AD.  But there
are varying theories.  Sri R.K. Math also accepts 700 AD. But
the Sri Sankara Maths say that he was born about 2400 years
back, just a century or so, after Buddha. Sri Sankara himself
gives no clue about his period in his writings.  There is no
mention even about Kaladi, his supposed birth place.  He refers
only Kasi, Sringeri, Kanchipuram, Ujjain and Ayodhya and Mathura
in his works.

There was a symposium about Sri Sankara's kala nirnaya.  The
period of Sri Sankara.  It was in Palakkad and Nochur Venkataraman
was asked to preside.  An unenviable job indeed.  There were
hot debates.  Finally Nochur Venkartaraman had to give his verdict.
What can he say?  He simply said: Sri Sankara was never born!
He is Guru tattvam.  Here was a man who said that there was
no creation of the world at all, then how cculd he have been born?  How could he have died or attained salvation?  Sri Sankara
Guru tattvam, is like Sri Ramana Guru tattvam.  It is only the
Presence.  He said only one Truth, which is ever present, a total
consistent theology, beyond time and space.  Like Bhagavan Ramana said the same thing in 1950 also, what He told to Sivaprakasam Pillai in 1901--02.   
Arunachala Siva.