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Sad Darsanam - Verse 29
« on: October 16, 2009, 05:27:40 PM »
In Verse 29 of Sad Darsanam, Bhagavan Ramana says that
liberation is nothing but extinction of the ego.  There is nothing
to gain in self realization, but only to lose the ego.  Sri Lakshamana Sarma says in his commentary, Sri Ramana Para
Vidya Upanishad:

The extinction of vibhakti is Bhakti.
The extinction of viyoga is Yoga.
The extinction of kartrutva, doer ship is Karma.
The extinction of Abodha is Bodha, Jnanam.

In Talks, there were some conversations about yoga sastra
and jnana sastra.  Bhagavan Ramana clarified everything as
per Sastras and finally said:  All these are only false.  The
true Jnana is extinction of ego.  This is Liberation.

There is an example of Eraser (pencil eraser) given by Nochur
Venkataraman.  We are using the Eraser for erasing the pencil
writings.  As we go on erasing unwanted pencil writings, then
at one stage, the Eraser also gets thin and disappear.  The
Eraser is erased.  Sri Sankara also says the same thing in his
commentary of the first verse of Isvasya Upanishad.  (I do not
have it readily.)

Arunachala Siva.