Author Topic: Sri Dakshinamurty - the Formless and the Form  (Read 1343 times)


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Sri Dakshinamurty - the Formless and the Form
« on: October 16, 2009, 12:05:17 PM »
Sri Dakshinamurty is actually a Formelss Self.  A spiritual guru
who looks at his right chest from the north pole facing south.
It is dakshina-amurty.  South facing formless god, a paradox.
Spritual North Pole, the Deathless, looking at the south, the
traditional direction of death, god of death, Yama, in Hindu

For people, who like forms to do meditation, he is described
as follows:

The Sages of Namisaranya forest came to him.  His body is
cool and has the coolness of a marble, spotless white, with
white holy ashes.  His feet are like red corals and his four hands
are like four lotuses.  His mouth too is like a red lotus.  The
upper right hand has got a rudraksha bead, strings of beads that
came from his tears for the downtrodden.  His right eye represents
sun and the left the moon.  The third eye represents the Fire,
fire of knowledge for people who understand him and the fire
of destruction for the ignorant.  His lower right hand shows the
chinmudra the hand-pose.  The forefinger is the Jivatma and the
thumb is the Paramatma.  When the index finger stoops to the
bottom of the thumb, leaving the remaining three fingers representing, ego, desire, and karma, the Jivatma gets united
with the Paramatma.

His left upper hand shows a pot of nectar, that liberates the
Jivas.  The dark patch of poison on the throat shows that
one should not swallow the poison of death but retain to
wait for the grace of Guru.  He is the guru sitting at a stone
like banyan tree, the stone structure reminding us that he
is ageless, unlike trees that grow and wither.  He is ever
youthful, showing that the Self is every young, nitya, eternal,
without old senility, disease and death.

Arunachala Siva.