Author Topic: Ashtavakra Gita - 9 [Verse 3: You Are Witness Consciousness]  (Read 1468 times)


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Ashtavakra Gita - 9 [Verse 3: You Are Witness Consciousness]
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Verse3: na prithvi, na vayuh, na jalam, na agnir na Dhyoh na va Bhavan| Esham Sakshim atmanam chid rupam Viddi muktaye
You are not the earth, water, fire, air or space. You are the Witness of all these - Know yourself to be Consciousness and Be Liberated!

Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space are said to be the elements of which all physical mater is made up of. A combination of these natures is said to form the whole physical world. in other words, these were considered to be the "elements" of which this whole physical universe is made.

You are not these is just to say you are not the Physical elements.

And then , Ashtavakra says : You are The Witness Consciousness, know this and Be Free.

The knowledge is liberating. if a person has this knowledge, he is already liberated.
What can be bound? A physical element can be bound. it is limited by nature. What is limited and bound can never be made unlimited. please try to understand this much. a limited entity never becomes unlimited. An unlimited entity never becomes limited. I, the Self, am Every Complete ... there is no question of incompleteness. The "Reflected entities", the "material world" , is ever limited ... it is never complete, physically its limited, time wise it is limited. And that is how it remains--- it cannot be made complete; deathless!

This is to be understood.
A story goes that 10 disciples of a sadhu crossed a river and decided to verify if everyone reached safely. so they counted but counted everyone leaving themselves. So they always found 9. So they were worried and unhappy.

now, here ... the 10th man who is there, need not be newly brought in. The 10th man who is "seemingly absent", cannot be brought in!

only knowledge that the 10th man is Me is required.
Same way, Self Knowledge is liberating! its important to inquire who we are--- and eliminate the non-Self From Self. This is called Atma-anatma vivekam.