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Ashtavakra Gita - 8 [Compassion & Contentment]
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Ashtavakra next prescribes Compassion as a quality to be cultivated. Compassion softens the mind and makes it easy for it to "dissolve in the heart"
its important to note that all these qualities integrate mind and heart.
A man of mind is sincere but may not be compassionate. So when compassion is included it becomes an integration of heart and mind qualities.

The most important point is to have all these under control. The mind is my instrument which i am supposed to use ... it should not drive me crazy. Compassion reduces ego and that is how it helps us to remain balanced and centered.
When a person is sincere, compassionate, forgiving and satisfied ... it leaves very little space for ego to hide. That is the best way to elimiate unconscious behaviour.

So Renounce the ego and Sense objects --- ego is as if shattered, coz ego itself is dependence on these objects.
Then , remain sincere, distractions put aside by practices like observing the mind or japa.
Have compassion and Forgiveness ... so anyone does anything bad ... ego cannot thrive on grudges ...

And then, Remain Satisfied with what IS. That means what ever IS is ok. What it should be ... remain satisfied ... That leaves ego spaceless.

But then, how do i remain satisfied when circumstances are all going against me ? That is where Self Knowledge is required. Dissatisfaction arises coz of identification with finite and limited objects of the world ... we are therefore asked to detach ourselves from the sense objects. With Self Knowledge Self Satisfaction comes ... coz one knows that Self is so Complete that nothing needs to be added to it... every attempt after that becomes a luxury ... one just revels in the Self.
no matter what the physical circumstances are... one revels as the Self.
We shall see all this in the next few verse...



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Re: Ashtavakra Gita - 8 [Compassion & Contentment]
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Dear srkudai,

Compassion, Forgiveness, and contentment -- all go togther.
Brahman is Nitya truptan, "ever satisfied", Nitya muktan, "ever
free" says Vivekachoodamani.

Bhagavan Ramana, as a Brahma Jnani and Jeevan Mukta always
displayed these.  Once one devotee, brought a nice sandal wood
made walking stick to Bhagavan Ramana.  Bhagavan Ramana took
it with a smile, smelt the sandal fragrance for a while and then
returned this to the owner and said:  "Why all these for me?  Two
things may happen if I have this.  One, others will become envious, and one or two may even try to steal it from here.
Further, two, I do not want anything new when the present one
serves my purpose.  This wooden walking stick made out of some
old tree in the Hill is adequate for me.  I am every satisfied with it."

The same thing happened when someone brought a ivory box,
which can be used for keeping cashew nuts and manila nuts for
the monkeys and squirrels.  He told the presenting devotee: " If
this is here, someone would become envious and may even steal it.  The present old tinbox is adequate.  After all, the squirrels and
monkeys only want the nuts and do not see from what type of box, this is being served!"

He was ever free, ever compassionate, ever satisfied.  He Himself
says that Arunachala took Him and ruled over Him, with Karuna,
vide Sri Arunachala Padigam, Verse 1. He also says in the same
verse, Arunachala is full of grace, that comes out of love and such grace flows like a water fall...

Bhagavan Ramana vehemently opposed to collecting donations
for the full-fledged Mother's Temple construction.  The amounts
came from middle class devotees, in small sums and it took
24 years to complete the Temple.  Mother attained Samadhi in
1922 and the Temple was consecrated in 1946.

Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Ashtavakra Gita - 8 [Compassion & Contentment]
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I would like to add to this discussion, as in the tibetan tradition compassion is very important.

you see hte masters there say if you dont cultivate compassion then your sadhana will not evolve at is also said that the duration of the day and night in wich you can stay in the nature of mind is connected to your compassionate heart...if you do not meditate on bodhicitta (the wish to attain enlightment for the benefit of all beeings) then you will not achieve permanent realization.

one very strong meditation is called tonglen, (translates into giving and taking)...for me this is the core practice of a bodhisattva.

you see when I do this meditaiton I feel like Iam a human tree, I take in negative karma of the world and give my positive accumulations in return...this is linked to the a tree takes Co2 and gives oxygen in return :)

so one first thinks something like "may all stress, turmoil and pain in the minds of my fellow brother and sister ripen in my own mindstream, so that they may be free from suffering"

and with the first inbreath I inhale dark heavy smoke from all directions and let it dissolve into my body, and on the outbreath I give all my positiv insights, all my happiness and all my peace to the world and beeings (in form of pure and clear light)....

this is the short version, and I use this at the moment to integrate my spiritual practice into daily life...its a sort of anchor..when i drive with the bike I do this with people that go by, or when I work as a casshier I do it with the people who pay...or with my girlfriend when she is in stress etc...

this helps me in my job and also in my life, because you see, when you do this meditation with the people you meet then you do something very meaningfull....and the result is that you allow yourself to rest in awereness..because you did your job right...I dont know why this is happening but it works :)

this is a very practical way to cultivate compassion

may it be auspicious


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Re: Ashtavakra Gita - 8 [Compassion & Contentment]
« Reply #3 on: October 14, 2009, 03:34:55 PM »
Dear matthias,

Excellent.  All sublime religious thoughts say the same thing.
One old Tamil poet Avvaiyar says that a Jnani will take all the
dirt and give out sweetness, like a coconut tree, which takes
as its food all the salty fertilizers and give out sweet coconuts.
She also says that we must be like the Mother Earth, which even
if one dugs it, bears him when he lives in this world.

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Ashtavakra Gita - 8 [Compassion & Contentment]
« Reply #4 on: October 16, 2009, 12:47:18 PM »
karma chagme wrote about this practice in few simple words:

meditate that you breathe in all the bad actions and suffering
of the six classes of beings*,
wich all dissolves into you
And that all beeings become free from suffering.

Meditate that all merit and virtue that you have
Is exhaled with your breath and dissolves into beings
and that all beeings attain measureless happiness

* (humans,devas,hungry ghosts,animals etc.)