Author Topic: Inauspicious omens and auspicious omens  (Read 7226 times)


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Inauspicious omens and auspicious omens
« on: October 12, 2009, 04:00:46 PM »
Every religion has got its own inauspicious and auspicious
omens.  But in Hinduism, it is quite high.  Now days have
changed, but upto 1900-50, it was considered very important
in life.  People used to shun, if a widow comes on your stepping
out of the house.  The widows were, those days, had a tonsured
head, and wore a white sari and with no kumkum on the forehead.  Like this, there were many, many.  People used to shun the barber
(he is needed for your haircut on a particular day!).   Great saints
have abhorred this practices, since they consider every living being
is Atma within. 

Basvesvara, the famous Veera Saiva Saint told a story.  In a
kingdom, the citizens abhorred a barber and complained to the
king.  The king took him to his palace and kept him.  On the
Day 2, when he was taking his lunch with the barber, a lizard
fell on his food plate.  He could not thereafter peacefully eat from
a second food plate that was offered by the royal cooks.  He
looked at the barber and said:  "Now I believe that you are an
inauspicious creature.  I shall hang you."  The barber was
taken to the gallows.  He was asked by the servants what was
his last wish.  The barber said:  I would like to talk to the king
for  two minutes.  I have no other wish.  The king came. 

The barber said: "Sir, since you were seeing me while eating,
you said that the lizard fell on your food plate.  But what happened to my case, see.  I saw you before eating, and now
I am in gallows.  Who is more inauspicious, you kindly tell me!"

The king became ashamed and he released the barber and told
the citizens:  "There are no inauspicous or auspicious things for
any one in life.  Only our perceptions are inauspicious and auspicious." 

Basvesvara sings:  See every body as Siva and see their feet
as Siva's feet.  Do not kill any animal or bird for your pleasure,
you are eating Siva. Do not harm anyone unless you are harmed,
since you are harming Siva.  See everything as my Lord, Oh,
Kudala Sangama Deva, the Lord of meeting rivers!*

*This place is called Kudlagi and is on the corner of two rivers
(probably tributaries of Tungabhadra, in Northern Karnataka)
and the Siva temple is quite famous and here is where Basavesvara started his Veera Saiva movement, a revolt against
orthodox brahminism.

Arunachala Siva.   


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Re: Inauspicious omens and auspicious omens
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2009, 05:01:26 PM »
Nimittam is part of Indian astrology, where the significance of good and bad omens are well defined. Bad omen portends bad event  and good omens indicate good things.In Ramayana, when Sita was about to commit suicide on account of haressment of Ravana, good omens brought up cheer and she was saved.Soon, Hanuman appeared on the scence  and things turned out well.

Time makes lot of difference. Accidents occur in a flash.If a black cat crosses the way on your start, just pray for a minute and proceed.Like that foolish king, let us not catch that cat and kill. Instead, take the cue, check your things ,pray and proceed.Let us not underrate the omens.Everything in this world is interconnected.Chirping of some birds warn the arrival of predetors for animals. This type of signals eventually become an omen.What is omen for believers is superstion for others.


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Re: Inauspicious omens and auspicious omens
« Reply #2 on: October 14, 2009, 12:24:46 AM »
yes of course there are omens....but let me try to explain..

you go over the street, the black cat comes your stop and pray..and you go on and in that minute a bus is driving very fast over the street (maybe out of controll) but you where still on the safe site, because you prayed..

now what is that? grace of god? you could say that you read the omen well, and that god saved you...

but you know what, the self does not know about such things at all..all of this happened in simple thoughles presence...the movementof the mind arose...telling you to pray, then it was the bus out of control etc...

all of this is allready the you can call it omen, superstition or whatever you like, it makes no difference for who you allready are...and I think subramanian was referring to this.....

but i may be wrong and talk nonsense ;)

much love



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Re: Inauspicious omens and auspicious omens
« Reply #3 on: October 14, 2009, 10:50:35 AM »

Glad you accepted there are omens. Omens serve the purpose of symptoms and signals in worldly life.Ultimately. as Bhagavan vouchsafes, destiny triumphs.
No doubt everything is contained in Self.Living in the state of Self transcends all worldly things. I believe that most of the forum members ,including myself, are in the lower realms. When you come down to Mother Earth
just like other things, take omens in its strides.


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Re: Inauspicious omens and auspicious omens
« Reply #4 on: October 14, 2009, 11:40:48 AM »
Dear arcsekar and matthias,

The omens or Saguna Sastra is an age old science inter-twined
with Hindu religion.  But the story that I had mentioned is to
highlight, the people over a period of time, add a lot of nimittams,
which are not religion-based.  Secondly, when destiny can never
be conquered, these nimittams or omens is just to give a last
minute caution and even if one observes it, still destiny will have
its say.  The best thing is to pray to God or Guru and then start
off a thing or work.  Jnanis help us out in crisis and Jnanis themselves do not bother about the omens and other such things.

When Thanjavur Big Temple was constructed, finally when that
large Lingam was to be installed on the avadai, or pit, the Lingam did not remain steady and was wobbling.  Normally, they place
a lot of herbals with honey-comb paste to serve as adhesive for
the Lingam to stand erect.  But in this case, despite all this,
the Lingam was not standing stable.  The Chozha King sent
word for astrologers who came and told him that there might
have been bad omens which were not observed earlier when the
temple work had begun.  Then they sent for Karuvur Thevar.
He was a Siddha in Thanjavur. He came and saw the Lingam.
He spat his betel leaves-arecanut juice from his mouth to the
pit and told to the Lingam:  "Siva, you now stand comfortably!"
The Lingam stood without wobbling!   Karuvur Siddhar poems are
available in Tamil.

Bhagavan Ramana was sitting in the Old Hall.  It was a lunar
eclipse day and the eclipse was to start from 6 and to go up
to 8 pm.  Hence the night dinner was postponed to 8.15 pm,
as against the usual 7.30 pm.  At the stroke of 7.30, Bhagavan
Ramana looked at the clock and was wondering why the dinner
bell had not rung.  Someone said about the eclipse.  Bhagavan
Ramana then said: O, this is all you have learnt from the famous
Tiru Jnana Sambandhar's KoLaru Padigam, where he pooh poohs
the astrology and says that for a Siva devotee, nothing will
affect him.  He then proceeded into the Dining Hall.  Others followed and took the dinner as usual at 7.30 pm.   

Arunachala Siva.