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Ashtavakra Gita -6 [Forgive]
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Having explained why the sense objects are not required for our Self fulfillment, we shall proceed to understand the qualities Ashtavakra suggests that we should develop.
Ego thrives on our sense of incompleteness, guilt, grudge, greed, jealousy and other such qualities of mind. these qualities which serve as firm foothold for ego are what make the mind impure. when a person is full of desires, the mind is impure and needs correction. Similarly when the mind is full of guilt, its impure. The mind has to be purified for one to be able to live this Truth that is taught next. The Truth itself is highest purifying agent for the mind, but one needs to also purify the mind through other means like devotion and cultivating certain qualities which are helpful.

One such quality is forgiveness. This has to be cultivated. How to cultivate? Suppose someone has hurt us, how do we forgive them. Thoughts of anger or grudge automatically arise in the mind and we should handle them. This is the teaching here. There is a very big mistake people do when they are told this. they try to avoid the thought. The more they try to avoid, the more the thoughts chase them. This is a problem. People try to force all thoughts that they do not like, to the subconscious mind. As a result forgiving is very difficult. The best approach is allow the thoughts to come. Encourage them to come ... and remain unaffected. Remain separate and detached. Watch the thoughts, but do not allow yourself to get carried away by the thoughts. Allow the feelings, the thoughts to come. acknowledge their presence and learn to stand away from their path.

its like a river flow. if we try to stop the riverflow its very difficult. The best we can do is to stand detached or away from the flow.

acknowledge the presence of all the emotions ... and allow them a free run ... remaining aloof and disinterested. Coz i am not the mind ... we shall see the knowledge which is required for this process ...

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Re: Ashtavakra Gita -6 [Forgive]
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Dear srkudai,

Yes. Kshama, or forgiveness is the greatest quality.  For this
one needs to have a lot of Karuna, compassion to fellow beings.
This Karuna or AruL in Tamil, is grace and compassion.  Only
Jnanis who are the embodiment of Karuna can display for ever
the quality of kshama, forgiveness.  Siva is said to represent
the karuna and kshama without discrimination.   Only when his
words are not followed, he would show punishment.

Saint Tayumanavar sings:  "After seeing the terrific punishment
inflicted to Yama as you were gracing Markandeya, how can I fear Yama, Oh Parapara!"

Bhagavan Ramana once told Annamalai Swami, when the latter
was complaining to Bhagavan Ramana about the various tiffs
between the ashramites:  "See, I have come here to grace
the people.  If I start punishing them, then not even a crow can
fly over the Asramam! 

Sri Sankara was to be killed by the Kabalikas in Himalayas,
and he was given incurable piles with letting up of blood by the
Kabalikas, through some mantras.  He was writhing in pain.
Padmapada told Sankara: "Please permit me.  I shall give counter-
mantras towards Kabalikas and punish them and kill them."
Sri Sankara said:  "Is it all that I have taught you?  Give up the

Arunachala Siva.


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Re: Ashtavakra Gita -6 [Forgive]
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Dear Sri Skrudai,
Dear Sri Subramanian,


I have also cried for so many years for God. Many times from frustration, deception and even anger. My humble understanding follows the teaching of Ribhu. The absolute bhavana that I Am Brahman. If I am convinced, then to whom do I cry?

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Oh Arunachala, blazing fire of Jnana, in my heart I pray and think of Thee from afar, root out the ego, merging me in the Self.