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The recognition of self-identity
« on: October 12, 2009, 01:29:17 PM »
We have seen in the seventh verse of Sri Dakshinamurty Stotram,
that the hand-pose or Chinmudra is not merely physical but also
refers to the Atman within. This recognition of the Self within
the sensation of I-I, is indicated by Guru.  This indication is
is known as fire when we see smoke.  The individual self rid
of ego is the Self, Svatmanam, ever experienced within.

In Sanskrit literature of Vedanta, it is called Pratyabhijna or
recognition of the self-identity, that Atman is a persistent

Questions may arise as to what is this Pratyabhijna
and what is its purpose?

This is answered by Suresvara in his Vartikam of Sri Dakshinamurty
Stotram.  Pratyabhijna is not enumerated among the right sources
of knowledge, along with pratyaksha, perceiving or seeing etc.,
How can it be a pramana, a source of knowledge?  The is en-
lightened by the seventh verse of Sri Dakshinamurty Stotram.

Pratyabhijnana - consists in recognizing a thing -- in the form
of 'this is the same as that ' -- which, having once before presented
itself to consciousness, again becomes an object of consciousness,
at present.

Just as in the case of external objects, an identical thing which
is continuusly present, is rfeferred to in the words 'this is that'
-- all the accidental things of place, time and form being left
out of account.

I think, a long time back, I have given some example of this
in one of the posts.  Suppose I had earier a few years
back,I had seen nonduel in France. Now, today,  I see him in Tiruvannamalai.  I shall tell my wife immediately, "this is that"
(non duel).

I shall not say that "this non duel who I am seeing now in
Tiruvannamalai, today, is that non duel whom I had seen
in France a few years back!" 

"this is that" - that is all.

This                                        That

non duel (I see now)              non duel (I had seen earier)
                   - recognition                - recognition
Tiruvannamalai (space)           France (space)

now (time)                            a few years back (time)

the individual self  (jiva)   the Self   

This Pratyabhijnana of Atman consists in His becoming conscious that He is omniscient, etc., after casting aside the notion that He is of limited knowledge, and so on,engendered by His association with Maya.

How this recognition comes about?

Arunachala Siva.