Author Topic: The World, Causation and the Guru  (Read 1195 times)


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The World, Causation and the Guru
« on: October 11, 2009, 03:50:57 PM »
We all see the world.  Jnanis also do see the world.  We see
all sorts of causation and duality in the world. There is Guru.
there is a disciple, there is father and there is son.  There is
dream and wakefulness.  All these are there.  But Jnanis do
see these cause and effect differently.  He sees everything
as impermanent knowing fully well that all these are not at all
his.  He just plays his role.

There is a baby sitter at home.  She comes everyday to the
owner's house.  She takes the baby with all fondness, bathes
the baby, adorns it and feeds it with all love and seriousness.
She tells everyone:  "He is my Hari, he is my Hari, my darling child.
He is only for me.  Who can love him more than me?"

This baby-sitting lady knows that Hari is not hers.  All her
fancy and love and kind words are only a game, which she
does very sincerely.  Today evening her job may be terminated,
or tomorrow she may have to go away.  But uptil that time,
she treats the child as her own, but not having ownership at
any point of time.

Now, who will help a seeker to go past his feelings of dualism
and causation?  It is only the Guru.  Such a Guru, Sri
Dakshinamurty confers the dispassion and non dual comprension, with his Grace, if one seeker goes to him with all sincerity
and Sraddha.

After vanquishing the dualism, what will happen?  How will
a realized Jnani see the world.  For him too, there are gurus
and disciples, wakefulness and dream states, day and night.
But how does he see these pairs?

Viswam pasyati karya karanataya svasvami sambandhatha;
Sishyacharyataya thathaiva pitru putradyatmana bhedhata;
Svapne jagrati va ya esha purusho maaya paribramita:
Thasmai Sri Gurumurtaye nama idham sri dakshinamurtaye:

           - Verse 8 of Sri Dakshinamurty Stotram.

Arunachala Siva.