Author Topic: The Young age etc., and the Waking state efc.,  (Read 1262 times)


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The Young age etc., and the Waking state efc.,
« on: October 10, 2009, 07:57:02 PM »
Regardless of one's conditions of the body and the stages
of the mind, if one could constantly contemplate on this
Mountain Medicine, it will help you to overcome all delusions
and confusions.  Only attention, Sraddha alone is required.

For this there is no need for penance, tapas, no need for pujas,
ritualistic worships, it needs only attention, Sraddha with

Swayambu Manu gave only this Upadesa to Druva, the young
prince. First Druva did tapas, got Narayana outside who helped
him to get back his lost love and affections from his father
and also the kingdom.  But he could not get Atma Jnana. 
Swayambu Manu had to be deputed by Narayana during Druva's
old age.  By that time, he had lost all bodt vigour and his mind
could not be steadied.  What tapas can I do now, asks Druva.
Swayambu Manu says:  Do not worry.  What is needed for
Atma Jnana is only Sraddha -- attention, with conviction.
(Srimad Bagavatam).

Afer realization of the Self, what karmas are there for a Jnani
to do?  What anushtanam, rituals to be done? He should simply
remain in Atma Nishta state, Jnana Nishta state.  Their only
Dharma is to be in the Self, Svanubhava.  It is inseparable
from Jnani like flower and its fragrance and sugar and its
sweetness.  Atma alone is Swabhavam, Svanubhavam.

This is what Pingala the harlot said in Srimad Bhagavatam:
Sameepe Ramaneeyam, Sameepe Ramaneeyam.  This bliss
of Ramana is ever the closest to me, it is permanent and it
is eternal, it is all-welfare, mangalam...

Svatmaanam prakatikarothi bhajatam yo mudraya, bhadraya....
Sri D.S. Verse 7.

Those who do not know Sanskrit, but who know Tamil can
see the beautiful Tamil versification, which is in Complete
Works or can see even Arthur Osborne or K. Swaminathan's
translations in English.

Arunachala Siva.