Author Topic: The Young age etc., The waking state etc., - 2  (Read 1286 times)


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The Young age etc., The waking state etc., - 2
« on: October 10, 2009, 07:30:19 PM »
Chinmudra also indicates atma vichara, which is like guessing
the Self through Vichara, like one guesses the Fire when there
is smoke.  This aham-sphurti, the understanding of I-I, this
" I am ness" leads to Aham, the "is-ness".  This is called
in Tamil as "Irunthathanai irunthapadi irunthu katti", from a Tamil
verse.  This "Is-ness" is indicated through "I am ness" by
Guru or Sri Dakshinamurty, the Primordial Guru.  This is
about "mudhraya" in Sri D.S. Verse 7.

Then, what is "Bhadraya".  This Sanskrit word means Permanent,
Welfare or Than in Tamil.  This bhadram is the permanence of
the Self, Atma, in all states of body and mind.  It is Nitya,
Suddha, mukta, bhuddha subject, the one without a second.

Once one understands this Chinmudra and mediate on the I-I
within, then he is not bothered about his states of body like
old age, senility etc., and also about the states of mind, like
waking, dream and deep sleep states, Jagrat, Swapna and

Bhagavan Ramana Himself has said that Atma Vichara is quite
simple, because it does not a good body as one does in puja,
karma etc., and a constant waking state, as is necessary for meditation and pranyama.  It can be done provided you think
with conviction that you are not the body or the mind.  The only
thing needed is Sraddha, attention.  You can have this attention
sitting on your bed without needing externalities.  If you go
to sleep, please sleep, in the morning it will automatically come
for your attention as you wake up.

Bhagavan Ramana sings ecstatically in Sri Arunachala Akshramanamalai, Malai Marunthida nee malaithitavo
arun malai marunthai oLir arunachala...(Verse 76)

O Arunachala!  You having applied the remedy for my delusion,
how can I still remain deluded?  You shine, do you not, as
the mountain-medicine made up of grace?

                           - Trans. K. Swaminathan.

This Mountain Medicine is cure all, Sanjeevini.  This is both
aham-sphurti, mudraya, as Sri Sankara calls it and "is ness"
bhadraya, permanent as he further says in the same verse
of Sri D.S. (Verse 7)

Arunachala Siva.