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The Old Gramaphone Record
« on: October 07, 2009, 02:11:35 PM »
Upto 1970s, we had in India, the gramaphone-record, an
instrument, on one places a large thin black disc and a moving
pin will go around the lines, when power is given, and it
will give out a song.  We had one at my home when I was young.  The standard supplier was the old HMV company, which also brought out discs of M.S. Subbalakshmi and other muscians'
immortal songs. This gramaphone record gave way to audio
tapes later.

Sometimes, when the disc is old or when the pin is blunt, the
same line in the song, will be heard ad nauseum.  The pin
will never move.  "Teliyalethu Rama, bhakti margamu... " -- This
line will keep on repeating, till Rama comes before you and
tell you what is bhakti marga.

What will happen then?  Some person should come, slightly move the pin by lifting its hand and placing it on the next track-line.  Then the music will continue and it will end happily.       

The devotees are also like this old gramaphone record.  The
pin is stuck.  Same line, repeated.  The human life gets stuck
without further elevation into Brahman.  Same thing repeated.
Bhakti, going to temple, going to office, retiring, conducting
son or daughter's marriage, sickeness, decay and death.... Again
a human birth, if one is lucky.  It is the human birth which
makes or mars the purpose.  The birds and animals do not
have these problems.  They will do their karma, with occasional
villainy, but somehow they will jump over to the next level.
The humans have to do a lot more.

The gramaphone gets stuck.  Then the Person, the Guru comes.
Slightly lifts and refixes the pin and the music is continued
and completed.  This is Guru krupa, which does away with the
rebirths and redeaths and samsara cycles....

Yat sakshat karanabhavenna punaravrutthi bhavam bhodhnidhou.....

The Realized Person, the Guru, gives the final teaching of
Tattvamasi and makes to go silent and attain the goal.
Then there is no cycle of samsara, Satshaktkaram, comes
with guru's grace, na-punaravrutthi bhavam....

                              - Sri Dakshinamurty Stotram, Verse 3.   

How to get Guru krupa, his abundant grace?  We have to weep
and cry before him. 

Meekaman illamal makatru alaikalam
Ahaamal kaathu aruL arunachala....   (Sri AAMM - V. 79) 

Bhagavan Ramana says:  O Arunachala, do not make me toss
like a boat in a tempest, for which there is no
capable sailor! 

Mookkilan munkattu mukuram ahadhu enaith
Thookki anaithu aruL arunachala.... (Sri AAMM - V.81)

O Arunachala, I am already noseless, but do not show me
a mirror to me; please take me and hug me (on your shoulders).

Enbolum dheenarai inbura katthu nee
en-naLum vaazhnthu aruL arunachala....  (Sri AAMM - V. 105)

O Arunachala, please save the downtroddens like me,
and you long live and grace.

Arunachala Siva.