Author Topic: The Body, the World and the Guru  (Read 1461 times)


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The Body, the World and the Guru
« on: October 07, 2009, 12:58:15 PM »
We are all body.  This body is necessary for self enquiry.  Bhagavan
Ramana says:  Who has seen this world without this body? - in
Sad Darsanam.  But on Realization, the body is no longer necessary.  The vehicle itself is to be discarded.  Now how the
world appears?  It appears because you have a body and you
perceive it.  But it is only a image of your self within.  The
vasanas inside you only make you to see the good and the bad
in the world. These vasanas make us to think dualistically.

Suppose a man is having hyper-tension.  He is seeing another
man.  He sees him as a potential hyper-tensive!  He asks the
other man: "Have you checked up your BP? Please do it.  It may
sometimes lead you to have a heart attack!"  All the peace of the
other man is totally gone.  We always speak only about bodies.
Or the mind, its desires etc.,  One father says the other: 
"See, my son has gone past the entrance test for IIT.  He is
sure to get either IIT, Madras, or IIT Kharagpur. He will end
up in UCLA for his M.S.  I think your son has not made it!"  The
other guy who had just consoled himself about his son, who
could not make the entrance test, and who is now thinking of putting him into some BCA (computer applications) course,
gets worried.  He picturises his son toiling for a job, toiling in
middle-class living without a car or a mobike, living in a rented
apartment.....  The picture spreads in to waves and waves.

All men that you see outside are subjective.  No one is objective,
for you. 

viswam darpana druschayamana nagari...... (Sri D.S. Verse 1)

But the Jnanis are in a different sphere.  Bhagavan Ramana never
considered any one as Ajnani, the ignorant.  Kanchi Sri
Chandrasekara was once asked: " Revered Sir, why there are
many imperfect people around you?  How do you tolerate them?"
The Pontiff replied:  "They all represent my imperfect tapas,
penance.  If I succeed in my perfect tapas, they will become

A devotee asked Bhagavan Ramana:  "Bhagavan!  Who created
this world?"

Bhagavan:  You.  You created it, the moment you see it!

Once Kanchangad Swmi Ramadas encountered a disciple who
was always weeping, weeping not for grace, but about his
misfortunes in life.  He told Ramadas:  "Swami, I am Ajnani.
Please row me to the shore!"

Ramadas replied:  "Rama, You cannot deceive Ramadas, saying
that you have to be brought to the shore!"

Asat kalpartakam bhasate.. Sri D.S. Verse 3

Brahma Jnani or a Brama Jnana Guru takes you from unreal to
the Real.  Because, he always sees the Real in you and he is
ever Reality.

Arunachala Siva.