Author Topic: The Tragedy of considering the Guru as the Body  (Read 1300 times)


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The Tragedy of considering the Guru as the Body
« on: October 07, 2009, 11:13:13 AM »
Who is Guru?
Guru is not the Body.
He is the Presence, Sannidhyam.  He represents Guru Tattvam,
the Principle of Guru.

Bhagavan Ramana is a singular phenomenon in this regard.
He never allowed anyone to touch His feet, or do Pada Puja
or even garland Him.  These things are done by devotees
who consider Guru as a Body, and this creates problems for
the Guru as well as the disciples.  In His 54 years, Bhagavan
Ramana never considered these things as important.  Even
prostrations before Him, He permitted once or twice every day,
but never liked continuous Namaskarams, prostrations, by
anyone.  There were a few people, who did prostrations at
the four quarters of the Old Hall, and were doing pradakshina
of the Old Hall.  He chided them all, saying that true Namaskaram
is the prostration to the Self within, and the true Pradakshina
is going round and round the Self within.  He quoted from
Ribhu Gita on these.

There was an Andhra Jnani by name Sri Vidya Prakasananda
Giri. He narrated one story.  Once there was a Guru and he
had a disciple.  This disciple was massaging Guru's legs,
making hot water for bath, washing his clothes etc.,  One day,
another disciple joined the Guru.  He also wanted to do such
things.  Both were competing to massage the legs of Guru.
The Guru told them: Let one fellow massage my right leg and
the other the left leg.  The senior thus massaged the right leg
and the junior the left leg.  Then they were competing with
each other and doing this regularly.  One day, the junior
by oversight, was massaging the right leg.  The senior got
angry and took a log of wood and hit the left leg of the guru.
The junior was no less a competent person.  He took another
log of wood and hit the right leg of the guru. The guru who
was half-asleep, woke up in terrific pains, and cried inconsolably.  Then he asked angriliy:  "What is all these?"  The disciples said:
"O Guru!  This is our personal issue.  Do not interfere.  We
shall solve it ourselves!"

Maya sakti vilasa kalpita maha vyamoha samharine....

The Guru is one who vanquishes the various powers of maya
which create great delusions in one.
                            - Sri Dakshinamurty Stotram. Verse 5.

Even to think that Guru is a body is a maha-vaymoham of

Arunachala Siva.