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Being Still and Frugal Living
« on: October 06, 2009, 01:43:33 PM »
The life of being still, can be practised, with some success,
only when one can have a frugal living as his style.  Any
comfort or luxury, beyond the irreducible minimum, will lead
to thoughts, words and actions that would greatly vitiate the
style of frugal living.

Socrates used to go to the market, see what all are the things
that are sold and come back, without buying anything!  He did
this every day when we walked to the market and back.  Once
a irritated shop-keeper asked him:  "You are coming everyday
and going back without buying anything from any shop.  What
is the purpose of all this?"  Socrates said:  "I am only finding
out how one can live without buying any of these things!"

Kabir Das says in one of his dohas:  The one who goes to the
bazaar and comes back without buying anything is a true
santoshi, a man of happiness!  Purandara Dasa also says
in one of his songs that a few pieces of dry roti and a few
green chilies, and one or two onions and salt are enough
for me to do Vittala Bhajan every day!

Bhagavan Ramana used to practise real frugal living.  Once
Kavyakanta Ganapati Sastri, who is also noted for his frugal
living, told Bhagavan Ramana:  "Bhagavan!  Is not Rs 3.00
per month (it was 1920s), adequte for a man to do sadhana?"
Kavyakanta Ganapti Sastri used to live with 10 plantains for
a whole week!  He used to take the fruit for a few days and then
the skin for the remaining days and live!

Bhagavan Ramana smilingly said:  "Nayana!  Why Rs 3.00?
The body is alone sufficient for the sadhana!"

Bhagavan Ramana says that for seeing the world the body
is necessary.  The body alone is adequate for self realization
also! (See Sad Darsanam, Verse 5).  He also says that with
this dying body to realize the Self is like crossing the stream
on a crocodile's back!  (Sad Darsanam, Supplement 12)

Saint Manikkavachagar says: "Keeping only this begging bowl
and the codpiece as my true relations, I shall search the golden
feet of Siva and dance in ecstasy!" 
(Tiruvachakam, Kula Pathu, Decad on Ecstatic heckling, Verse 1)

Arunachala Siva.