Author Topic: "Maya viva vijrumbatham"  (Read 1729 times)


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"Maya viva vijrumbatham"
« on: October 06, 2009, 10:47:27 AM »
Sri Sankara says in Sri Dakshinamurty Stotram, that the world
is maya viva vijrumbatham, i.e. the world is created by Maya
which springs forth from the mind.  This Maya is indescribable
like Brahman.  It is in Atma, the Self, along with its branches
like mindstuff, the mind, ego and the intellect.  This Maya weaves
all the worlds and their activities.  It is better experienced than
to be precisely defined.  It springs forth from a seed called the
mind pregnant with Vasanas.

Once Narada asked Krishna:  "Sir, please explain what is Maya?"

Krishna said:  "Let me see.  Now, first let us go for a walk!"

Krishna and Narada started for a walk, after some distance,
Krishna told Narada:  "I am thirsty. Can you fetch me some
water?"  Narada went to fetch water.  On the meadow he saw
a well.  There was standing a beautiful lady. He instantly fell
in love with her!  He went into their hut and asked the lady's father
to give her hand in marriage.  The father agreed.  The marriage
took place.  Narada settled down with his wife.  They got
9 children.  He assumed the president-ship of the village after
his fathe-in-law passed away.  Soon, there was famine in the
village.  Suddenly huge floods came.  In the floods, the children died of drowning one by one.  The wife also died in the deluge.  Narada cried, cried, cried, inconsolably.

Krishna came to Narada.  "What man!  It is five minutes already.  You have not yet brought the water?  I am dying of thirst."

Narada found Krishna. He found that all this was Maya, Maha
Maya, Mother Unnamulai's indescribable sports!  Who cannot
fall prey to it?

Bheejasyanthari vangukuro jagatitam prang-nirvikalpam puna:
Maya kalpita desa kaala kalanaa vaichitriya chitrikrutham;
Maya viva vijrumbayatyapi maha yogiva svechaya
  thasmai sri guru-murtaye sri dakshinamurthaye!

Only a Guru who has snapped the shackles of Maya, can help you to overcome the enticing look of Maya!

Arunachala Siva.