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The Goat and Lion-Cub Story
« on: October 03, 2009, 12:30:57 PM »
Once some goats were grazing in the forests.  The herd had a
pregnant goat in their midst.  Suddenly, a pregnant lioness came pouncing on the goats and while pounching, the lioness got
struck on a tree-stump.  Her belly got opened and a lion cub
was born and the mother-lioness died.  The pregnant goat also
gave birth to its young baby due to sudden fear of death and that
mother-goat also died in the process.  The goats after sometime
stabilized themselves and returned to the village.  The young goat
and the lion-cub were the new additions.  The lion-cub had to
live with the goats.  Somehow it found that it has got an identity
crisis and was not quite happy.  But it has to pull on since there
was no other go.  The goats took care of both the young ones
carefully.  Everyday green grass were specially given to them.

One day, again in the forest, the goats including the two young ones encountered one lion.  The young goat particularly got
more fearful and started crying.  The lion-cub however felt
no fear for the lion.  In fact, it liked it.  The alienation and the
identity crisis of the lion-cub continued.  It now wants to meet
the lion again.  Seeing the restlessness of the lion-cub, the
young goat took care of it by giving special greens and grass.
Somehow, the food for stomach was not the problem for it.
The lion-cub was grateful to the young goat.  But the young
goat could not solve its real problem.

On a third occasion, a lion again pounced on the goats.  This
time, it did not devour any goat but picked the lion-cub by neck
and rushed away.  The other goats returned sorrowfully.  The
lion brought the cub near a pond and said:  Look fool!  You are
not a goat.  You are a lion, the king of the forests.  You are
eating grass and greens and live like a coward.  Look at your
face in the pond. 

The lion-cub looked at its own form inside the pond.  It became
very happy.  "O I am a lion and not a goat",  It said the bigger
one:  "Thank you, Guru, bring me some fresh meat to eat!"

We are all lions.  We are Atman.  We are not 'individual souls'.
But only a few of us experience this identity crisis and alienation.
One day, the real lion of Ramana comes and says:  O Fool,
you are also Atman.  Look at your form, within!  We
realize our Atman-hood.  We are self realized.

(From Brahmasri Nochur Venkataraman's Satsangh - Day 3. Friday)

Arunachala Siva.