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Silence and Talks
« on: October 02, 2009, 02:52:58 PM »
Nochur Venkataraman said in his Satsangh today:

We are all thinking after reading Talks (Compiled by Mungala
Venkaramaiah) that Bhagavan Ramana was answering questions
of devotees, day in and day out.  It is not so.  (Heard from
Kunju Swami and T.R. Kanakamma).  Many many times Bhagavan
Ramana did not give any reply.  Sometimes, a single answer had
satisfied the questions of several devotees who had put across
such questions a few days before.  Sometimes, the replies would
be given after many days.  In fact, He was in Silence most of the
time and with a few answers in between.

Once Devaraja Mudaliar asked:  "Bhagavan!  What would be like,
if a person gets the brahma-anubhavam, the glimpse of the
Self?"  Bhagavan Ramana did not reply.  After many days,
He said:  "Oye, Mudaliar, it will be like the state of the thief
who had been stung by the scorpion while thieving at night
in a house!"

The glimpse of the Self cannot be expressed in words.  The Jnanis
have to spit it out, out of pure grace, after many many days.

Once a disciple called Pashkali (spelling?) asked his Master
Pashkan:  "Master!  Please give me Brahma-upadesam!"
The Master did not answer for a long time.  Silence prevailed
between the two.  One year had passed.  After a lapse of one
full year, the disciple asked the Master:  "Master!  Please give
me Brahma-upadesam!"  The Master replied:  "I have been
telling You since one year.  Have you not understood?"

Bhagavan Ramana has said in Sri Arunachala Ashtakam:

"Enquiring within 'Who is the Seer?' I saw the Seer, the Seer
disappearing and That alone which stands for ever. No thought
arose to say, 'I saw'.  How then could the thought arise to say,
'I did not see?'  Who has the power to explain all this in words,
when even You as Sri Dakshinamurthy, conveyed this of yore in
Silence only?  And in order to reveal by Silence.  Your state
transcendent, now You stand here, a Hill resplendent soaring
to the sky!

Arunachala Siva.