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The inexplicable Maya
« on: October 01, 2009, 12:21:24 PM »
Maya is inexplicable.  There is no definition for Maya.  It is
born along with the self, one can say.  But this is also as
old as the Self.

This morning, Nochur Venkataraman in his Satsangh on Sri Dakshinamurthy Stotram said the following story from Yoga Vasishtam.

There was a pious Brahmin by name Gadhi.  He was immersed
neck deep in Ganga and was meditating on Krishna.  Krishna
appeared before him and asked what he wanted.  Gadhi, like
a fool, said:  I want to know what is Maya.

Krishna said:  Maya can not be described.  You will understand it
only when you come across Mayic happenings in the world.  Krishna
disappeared.  This Kadhi came out of the river, did some penance
in the forest and finally came back home. He lived with his wife
and children.  Soon, the wife and children died one by one. He also
got wexed, fell into a tank and died.  He took next birth as a Chandala, dog-eating caste, in a far off place in the family Hooners,
who were outcastes.  There he lived, married got a child.  But
soon, famine and epidemics swarmed the village and everyone died.  Gadhi, now, he had the name, Kandaka.  This Kandaka survived and went to a nearby kingdom. There the king had died without issues.  The royal elephant was given a garland to choose a new king in the town.  Kandaka, though an outcaste had a royal personality and the elephant chose him.

Soon he became the king, married three women and ran the show for some years.  One day, another survivor from Hooners' clan
came to the palace to sing a rustic song.  As he started singing,
the new king (Kandaka, earlier Gadhi), continued the song, dancing typically like a hunter.  The ministers grew suspicous.  They came to know that the new king was a Chandala.  They all became sad and angry.  The queens jumped into fire in self immolation and so also the ministers.  The commander in chief arrested Kandaka and executed him.  He died.

Suddenly, Gadhi found himself in the same Ganga river, mediating
in neck deep water.  He was surprised.  How he earlier got out
of the river, went to town to join the family, how they all died
and he also died.  How he became a Chandala, then a king and then
executed by commander on knowing that he was a Chandala!

The whole thing was like a dream.  However, he is still in Ganga.
How could this happen?  How could this happen in wakeful state.
He concluded that it is all Maya, and Maya can play its role in
wakeful state also while we are living in a body in this world.
The Maya in the wakeful world can even be longer than a dream!

He became happy.  He decided that he would conquer Maya by
staying in a Cave.  One morning a hungry brahmin came to his
Cave.  He fed him.  The brahmin narrated that he was in a
Hooners' township, since his king was executed.  The king
got executed because he was a Chandala and hid his birth
when he was to be crowned!  Now, Gadhi became really nervous.
How my story continues?  Even after my entry into the Cave to
live in solitude?  How Maya chases me even inside the Cave?
What is the way out?

He sent away the poor brahmin and meditated.  Krishna appeared
this time, all laughing.  Krishna asked:  Gadhi, have you understood what is Maya?  "Yes", replied Gadhi.  What shall I do? - he asked

Krishna said: "Go back to the middle of Ganga and meditate
on Me, asking only for Self realization."  I shall confer.

Arunachala Siva.