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The Bigger Story
« on: October 01, 2009, 10:41:56 AM »
The Bigger Story

Many of us try to find out ways to joy in life.
Human beings have pursued the search for joy since a very long time and this search is continuing even today.
However the Upanishads have already given an answer to this.

The way shown is to explore the "bigger story" which is beyond our personal life stories.
Individual life stories contain events related to that individual.
The bigger story is the story about how the individual consciousness came into existence.
It starts from as far back as the origin of creation itself.

Now the question may arise:
"What is the benefit of knowing the bigger story?"
"How can the bigger story take away or even mitigate the sorrows of our personal lives?"
"How can it generate joy?"

The benefit of knowing the bigger story is that the root cause of sorrow is itself traced back to the ignorance of our "bigger" consciousness.
The personal sorrows of our lives are mainly due to lack of some material things or relationship miseries like ego-hurt etc.
It is found that adding material things to our lives does not give the lasting joy which we crave for.
The lasting joy itself comes from our bigger consciousness which we are ignorant of.
Also the bigger story makes the ego "melt" or be perceived as part of the bigger consciousness.
So when the ego itself melts, individual sorrows also seem to melt.

Then what about the joys which the individual egos bring about, however small it is?
It is found that the individual egos do not have any joy of their own but brings the joy from the bigger consciousness.

The bigger consciousness is like the ocean. The ocean gives rise to various waves which in turn has smaller waves and  still smaller waves.
The joy of the ego is like the joy of a tiny wavelet while the joy of the bigger consciousness can be as great as the ocean.
Knowing the bigger story the tiny wavelet understands its true origin, its bigger existence.
The ego existence of tiny wavelets interacting with other tiny wavelets makes up the personal story of individuals.
It has its own joys and sorrows of its own interactions, its tiny ups and downs.

The bigger story redefines the existence of the tiny wavelet from the starting point of the ocean.
The tiny wavelet becomes aware that its tossing up and down was due to the waves of joy from the bigger ocean and it gets "released" into the ocean.

The bigger story is common for all the tiny wavelets, and it does not involve any personal incidents of the tiny wavelets.
So is it not a wonder that just by listening to a bigger story which does not directly address any of our life events, our miseries can be mitigated and joy generated in life?

The Upanishads contain the bigger stories coming from the ocean.
They are often told in terms of imageries which relate to bigger things.
So they need to be understood intuitively rather than literally.
Literal understanding is often confined to the mind, from which level our individual life story starts.
Intuitive understanding starts from the Heart of which the mind-level is only a part.

So just by reading the Upanishads with Self enquiry can awaken our interest in the bigger consciousness.

May the Universal Being guide us appropriately.

[This essay has been written for no specific purpose but for the joy of writing and sharing]
Homage to the Universal Being...Om Shanti ... Om Shanti ... Om Shanti ...