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Sri Sankara Vijayam - 97
« on: September 30, 2009, 01:37:49 PM »
Let us see the Verse 100 of Sri Soundarya Lahari and then move
on to the remaining biography of Sri Sankara.  The 100th verse
in conclusion says about the grand idea of the all-inclusiveness
of the Divine, Sri Lalita Tripura Sundari.

Pradipa jvaalabhir divasa kara niraajana vidhih
Sudhaa-sutes chandro pala jala lavair arghya rachanaa;
Svakiyair ambhobhih salila nidhi suhitya karanam
Tvadiyabhir vagbhis tava janani vaachaam stutir iyam.

Just as doing Nirajana, the light waving ceremony or Arti to the
Sun is only the offering of his own light to him.  Just as making
an offering of Arghya, water abuiations to the moon from out of the moon-stone that emits water in contact with the moonlight, and
just as making water offering, Tarpana, to the ocean is to return
what belongs to it -- so is, O Source of all learning, this hymn
addressed to You composed of words that are already Yours.

Mother is called in various names from 366 to 373 of Sri Lalita

366:  Om Paraayai Namah:

Salutations to Her who is the Para or the Transcendent Word
(above the other known stages of speech known as Pasyanti,
Madhyama and Vaikahari.)

367: Om Pratyak citi rupaayai Namah:

Salutations to Her who is in the form of consciousness turned
inward (when the Reality is unmanifest in dissolution).

368: Om Pasyantyai Namah:

Salutations to Her who is Pasyanti or speech in the inaudible stage.

369: Om Para-devataayai Namah:

Salutations to Her who is Paradevata the object of supreme

370:  Om Madhyamaayai Namah:

Salutations to Her who is Madhyama, or speech in the middle
stage of its external expressions.

371:  Om Vaikhari rupaayai Namah:

Salutations to Her who is Vaikhari the uttered audible speech.

372: Om Bhakta-maanasa-hamsikaayai Namah:

Salutations to Her who is the swan sporting in the maanasa lake, the lake of devotees' minds.

373:  Om Kaameswara praana naadyai Namah:

Salutations to Her who is the very life of Her Consort Kameswara.

Arunachala Siva.