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Kasi Panchakam
« on: September 26, 2009, 12:13:17 PM »
Sri Sankara has written a five verse poem called Kasi Panchakam.
Kasi is today's Benares or Varanasi.  This is, as per puranic
stories, is a place where one gets liberation on death here.
But Sri Sankara has got a different imagery. He says:

Kasi is my body.
Manikarnika - the famous bathing gut there - is Hridayam, Heart
Viswanatha - Siva in the temple is the Self within me.  Brahman
who lives in the Heart for seekers.
Ganga- the river is the flowing bliss on my realization!

Bhagavan Ramana says the same thing in Arunachala Stuti
Panchakam.  Arunachala is not merely a Hill of Fire, but it
is the Self within.  And this is the swathma-tirtham, the
holy waters called Bliss inside!

Bhagavan Ramana gives three imageries in Arunachala
Pancharatnam.  First it is the nectarine ocean of grace.
Second it is the Hill, in which all lives are born, are sustained
and are annihilated.  Thirdly He says in Arunachala Padigam,
Verse 1:  Arunachala is the Sun but it gushes forth as waterfalls
of grace.

Many devotees have asked Bhagavan Ramana.  "Bhagavan!
How is that You are always gazing at the Hill, even though
you have seen it many many times?"  Bhagavan Ramana
has replied:  "I am gazing Arunachala as Atma, the Self within!"

Arunachala Siva.