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A Brahma Jnani's emotions
« on: September 25, 2009, 11:36:31 AM »
A Brahma Jnani is ever placed on high pedestal and people
revere him.  It does not immediately mean, that he is past
all emotions.  He expresses his emotions only on extreme cases
and situationn and at the drop of a hat. 

Once Ma Krishna Mayi chided her biographer.  You are writing
only good things about me.  What do people think of me?  Why
not you write about my anger, my disgust, my sleep during a
discourse?  Why do you treat me as a rubber doll?

We all try to treat a Brahma Jnani as a rubber doll.  We can
keep it on high pedestal once and then crush him, kick him,
caress him and push him.  Nothing will happen to the rubber
doll, we think.  It is not so.

Bhagavan Ramana expressed anger very occasionally.  Once
there was some tiff between Sarvadikari and Dhandapani Swami.
Both were shouting at each other and Dhandapani Swami held
Sarvadikari's neck and wanted to choke him.  Bhagavan Ramana
came from behind and gave him a simple tap on his back.  Dhandapani Swami felt as if a thunderbolt had descended!
Bhagavan Ramana also chided the attendants whenever they
were becoming naughty.  He has wept uncontrollablly when
Echamma came and reported her foster daughter's demise
leaving a small kid behind!

Bhagavan Ramana once enjoyed the ganji (liquid rice porridge)
and avial (mixed vegetable and curd preparation) so much that
He asked for second helping!  Devotees were astonished!

Bhagavan Ramana swam on the waters of a tank in the Hill
and played with Rangan, His school-mate.  He kicked him
playfully while swimming.

Please do not play with a Brahma Jnani as if he is a rubber ball,
always at your disposal.  He can express emotions, sometimes
very powerfully that the erring devotee cannot put up with them!

I always treat Bhagavan Ramana as my illustrious father. Sometimes, I am angry with Him.  Many times I cry before His
photograph.  Whenever I visit Tiruvannamalai, I cry before
His samadhi.  These are all good and Bhagavan takes care of me,
with occasional chiding, cajoling, consoling and kicking.  In fact,
I am the rubber doll for Him. And He is the player.

Arunachala Siva.