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Bhagavan Ramana's Guru
« on: September 23, 2009, 12:24:23 PM »
One of the hot topics about Bhagavan Ramana's life is as to
whether He had a Guru.  Many devotees even during Bhagavan
Ramana's time in Tiruvannamalai, had asked this question.
Bhagavan Ramana had given variant answers like, I have Atma
as my Guru, I have Arunachala as my Guru and I have no Guru
and perhaps in my earlier births might have had a Guru etc.,

Bhagavan Ramana makes only one or two references about
Guru, in His works.  In Sri Arunachala Aksharamanamalai, He
says in Verse 19:

Please snap off my deficiencies and consider only my good
things, please shine as Guru, Oh! Arunachala!

Again He makes a subtle reference in Verse 70 of Manamalai.

When I thought of your name, you pulled me and drew me
(here), who knows this greatness, Oh! Arunachala!

This is a reference to the story when young Venkataraman,
had asked one of the relatives from where he had come.
The relative replied without any tense as I am from... or I
was from... simply as Arunachalam.  This one word created
a pleasant shock in Venkataraman's mind and the effect
never died till He came to Arunachala.

Why did Bhagavan Ramana not mention about His Guru?
It is something like a young chaste housewife of yester years.
We can see even such women in villages today.  They will
never mention their husbands' name! If that husband is
Paramasivam, the wife, when asked about her husband's
name, would say:  He is Parvati's husband.  He is Muruga's
father etc., etc., The postmen who brings money orders and
letters to villages would have tough time, in finding out who
that guy was!

Arunachala Siva.