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Ashtavakra Gita - 4 [No Sense object Can Give Bliss!!!]
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Ashtavakra says: "Reject the Sense objects as poison".
We shall see the logic in this suggestion. Please observe carefully, this is a step by step derivation:

Suppose i long for an object. Let us say a sensation. it could be a taste, a sight, a sound, a touch, a smell ... anything. and let us say, i feel a sense of satisfaction due to it. So i say, the external object is the cause for my feeling of bliss.

And again, let us say, i have similar experience in my dream. This time, i come out of the dream and now i want to analyse. if the cause for bliss is external object, how can its memory create bliss in my sleep??

Please see. if the object is external --- it cannot touch me at all. for the object to "Reach" me, it has to become a part of my mind. it has to become a sensation. isnt this so?

now then, i have some sort of explanation that in dream, i recalled the sensation ... recalled a memory. ok. This is pretty clear.

So the sense of bliss cannot come from the external object... it has to come from somewhere within. So can this bliss be just a memory? If that is the case, a memory should always create the same bliss -- but then, the same memory may create bliss in one moment and in another moment it may not create any bliss! what is the point here?

Lets explore further... this seems to be due to preparedness of the mind. For example, i am hungry, at this state if i remember the ladoo, i am more likely to long for it than if i were not hungry. similarly with other sensations.

Lets now conjecture: the objects of senses are used to alter the state of mind -- and the bliss is a result of the altered state of mind.

This conjecture needs to be investigated within. one needs to see ... how one has actually changed the mind to an altered state when one feels great pleasure. the mind is in an altered state, therefore i experience the bliss ... not coz of the object itself. that is why even in dream i enjoy the objects!

please see ... this is actually hypnotic. when experiencing the objects of senses, my breathing pattern changes, my concentration is totally on the object ... i am in a total self induced hypnotic state.

So actually we are jumping from one object to another ... at each level, i am inducing hypnotic states and thinking that the object is giving me the pleasure. So the pleasure is coming from within, but i attribute it to what is outside. The longing for the objects of senses is because of association of pleasure with them. This is called Raga in sanskrit, or Attachment.

Again, i lack a particular object and i suffer , coz i am longing for the object. This too is due to Raga. The point to be noted here is that i am not just inducing hypnotic states in the presence of objects, but also in their absence. so i am inducing a sense of incompleteness which is really not there.

Someone may ask: "How do you say its not there? " , well, if the absence of object is really causing displeasure, then forgetting it i should still remain in sorrow! so its not the absence of object, but the memory of it that is causing the problem! and as discussed before, a memory is only a memory. as it does not have pleasure, it does not have sense of incompleteness.
so naturally that means we are inducing sense of displeasure where it is not there at all! pure self hypnosis!

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