Author Topic: Navaratii (Dasara) Celebrations in the Asramam  (Read 1200 times)


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Navaratii (Dasara) Celebrations in the Asramam
« on: September 21, 2009, 01:41:48 PM »
To continue Mother Azhagamma's story:

3. When Mother Azhagamma came for good to Tiruvannamalai
and was staying in the Skandasramam, there were two people
with Bhagavan Ramana.  One was Ramanatha Brahmachari
and another was Kunju Swami.  Mother used to dry her wait
sari inside the Skandasramam.  Kunju Swami being a non-brahmin,
used to carefully enter the asramam, so that he would not touch
the drying clothes.  Bhagavan Ramana used to make fun:  Amma,
Kunju had touched your sari.  Please go and wash it once again.
And you also take bath since you have to touch the "impure sari"!
Ramanatha Brahmachari being a Brahmin (!) used to wash the
stone pot of Mother for preparing day's sambhar or rasam.  Ramanatha used to take more time since he had to wash it very
very neatly, by scratching the stone pot with a brick piece for
long hours.  Azhagamma used to call:  Ramanatha, Is the stone-
pot ready?  Ramanatha: 'Amma, I am coming...'  Again after a
few minutes, Azhagamma:  Ramanatha, is it ready?  Ramanatha:
"Amma,I am coming...."  Bhagavan Ramana used to listen to this
everyday almost routinely.  One day, Bhagavan Ramana told Ramanatha:  "Oye! Brahmachari!  Quickly wash and give to Amma.  Otherwise, one day, with your continous rubbing, the stone pot
will disappear into thin air!"

4. Desur Akhilandamma used to bring some nice greens from the
Hill or from Desur for Amma to cook.  It was also happening daily.
Amma sometimes asked Desur Akhilandamma for a particular
variety of greens.  Ramanatha used to bring the greens secretly
by receiving the same from Akhilandamma, at a distance.  Bhagavan Ramana noticed this trickey.  One day, He told Mother
Azhagammma:  "Amma, you have come here to leave all desires.
If you want this particular greens specially, then you better go back to Madurai...."  Mother Azhagamma cried.  Thus this special supply of greens stopped.  (Incidentally it is Desur Akhilandamma, who
introduced Mastan from Desur to Bhagavan.  Mastan saw Him in
the Hill, and stood motionless without speech for more than five

Arunachala Siva.