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Piece of Mind and Peace of Mind
« on: September 20, 2009, 11:20:07 AM »
Bhagavan Ramana has said, 'thoughts are the mind and the
root thought is I-thought."  One should keenly observe the
movement of ego or the mind.  One should observe it as a
cat would observe the rat-hole.  If a rat comes out, catch it
as a cat.  Put the thought away to the Source.  Even a piece
of mind does not give peace of mind!

The first step is to remove the unwanted thoughts. Certain
thoughts about food, home, and office would come and these
are essential.  But even these thoughts, one should keenly
observe.  If you are hungry, you go to the breakfast table and
take the breakfast and coffee/tea.  This is an essential thought,
at that time, but to ask you wife, even before the breakfast
is finished, "What are you going to prepare for lunch?" is an
unwanted thought!  Once we know that our ego is putting its
head out, you should catch it. 

Once Bhagavan Ramana was busy putting the little squirrels
into a basket.  As one squirrel was placed inside, the other
one jumped out.  He had to catch it and put it inside the basket.
Finally, He placed all squirrels into the basket and closed the lid.
Devaraja Mudaliar was watching this, with a question in his
mind.  Bhagavan Ramana looked up and told him:  "Mudaliar!
The squirrels do not know what a cat-bite would be.  If they
know what a cat-bite is, they will not stir out the basket!"

We all know, what a cat-bite or the world-bite is.  Still like
the foolish squirrels, we are jumping out of the Heart.  We
should know it fast, that sometimes the cat would not only
bite but crush and eat us too!

Arunachala Siva.