Author Topic: Anma Vidya or Atma Vidya or Self-Knowledge - (2)  (Read 2791 times)


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Anma Vidya or Atma Vidya or Self-Knowledge - (2)
« on: July 29, 2008, 02:06:42 PM »
3. Of what avail is knowing things
Other than the Self?  And the Self being known,
What other thing is there to know?
That one light that shines as many selves,
Seeing this Self within,
As Awareness' lightning flash;
The play of Grace; the ego's death;
The blossomikng of bliss.

4. For loosening karma's bonds and ending births,
This path is easier than all other paths,
Abide in stillness, without any stir
Of tongue, mind, body.  And behold
The effulgence of the Self within;
The experience of Eternity, absence
Of all fear; the ocean vast of Bliss.

5. Annamalai the Self, the Eye
Behind the Eye of mind which sees
The eye and all other senses
Which know the sky and other elements,
The Being which contains, reveals, perceives,
The inner sky that shines within the Heart
When the mind free of thought turns inward,
Annamalai appears as my own Self,
True, Grace is needed; Love is added.
Bliss wells up.

Arunachala Siva.