Author Topic: Arunachala Darsanam on Maha Deepam Day  (Read 1320 times)


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Arunachala Darsanam on Maha Deepam Day
« on: September 19, 2009, 12:11:31 PM »
Once Mahadeepam was to be celebrated on the next day.  In
such times, villagers around Tiruvannamalai used to come in
thousands to witness the Mahadeepam, and then go round
the Hill, taking bath in the various tanks in the route.  They
are all very poor people, often unclean, and wearing tattered
dhotis and saris.  They also used to come and see Bhagavan
Ramana, and many of them would even touch Him and prostrate!

On one such Mahadeepam eve, there were already thousands
of pilgrims including these villagers.  The villagers saw the Light
started on the summit of the Hill, cried Hara Hara... and then
went around for giri-pradakshina.  Anticipating these 'dirty villagers'
often in wet clothes and making the Asramam wet everywhere,
Sarvadikari had told the attendants to pull back the railings around
Bhagavan Ramana's sofa, to some six feet, so that these rustics
would not touch Him.  Bhagavan Ramana went around the Hill
for the evening walk, and got absorbed with the Burning Light
around 6 pm and then returned to the Hall.  He found the railings
moved six feet back.  He asked the attendant.  The attendant
meekly submitted:  Swami, as per office instructions, I have moved
them, so that the dirty villagers will not touch you and also wet
the entire Hall.  Bhagavan Ramana said: Is it so?  What can I
say for the 'orders'?  But you do one thing that I also say.
"You shift the sofa also six feet further and keep it near the railings!"  The attendant became doumbfounded.  He was muttering, Swami, Swami.....  He then quietly moved the railings back to their own positions.  Meantime, many devotees including Sarvadikari assembled in the Hall. Bhagavan Ramana then said:
"Whom do you think they are?  They are all Arunachala Swarupam.
They are not coming here to have My darshan.  I am waiting for them to have their Darshan!  I am waiting for them to have their
darshan.  What for am I here?"

Bhagavan Ramana says in Sri Arunachala Pancharatnam, Verse 5:

"He who dedicates his mind to Thee and seeing Thee always
beholds the universe as Thy figure.   He who at all times glorifies
Thee and loves Thee as none other than the Self, he is the
master without rival, being one with Thee, Oh, Arunachala,
and lost in Thy bliss!"
Bhagavan Ramana saw everything as Arunachala Swarupam, Brahma Swarupam, the one without a second. 

T.K. Sundaresa Iyer says:  On Deepam and Jayanti days, Bhagavan Ramana used to shine with extraordinary brilliance.  This Ramana
Jajvalyam, is special gift of Bhagavan Ramana for devotees who
see Him that day!

Arunachala Siva.